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  1. The crowd wasn't cheering him, the cheers were piped in.
  2. After the way that Smackdown ended last Friday, with Rollins sitting atop the ladder, holding the briefcase, there is no way that he is winning tonight.
  3. Apparently it's a legit injury, not a work, which - although you never want to see anyone get injured - if it means the match ends up taking place in front of fans, rather than behind closed doors, might not be such a bad thing.
  4. Not that I'm aware of. It's feasible that they could now start taping shows in front of crowds again, especially with all Coronavirus restrictions in England being lifted later this month, on the 19th, but at present the only shows of any sort that WWE have announced in the UK that will have fans in attendance are the four Smackdown house shows that'll be taking place in September.
  5. I was watching the WWF back in 97, when The Patriot was there, so when Kurt Angle debuted a couple of years later, I recognised his music immediately. I hadn't realised there was any difference between the two themes though. RIP Del Wilkes.
  6. I think you mean Rick O'Shea.
  7. If he doesn't, so be it. The most important thing is that he's alive.
  8. The only thing I can see that Rhea Ripley and Ruby Riott have in common is their initials. Apart from that, they're completely different, for the reasons already mentioned.
  9. October, probably, twelve months after the most recent draft.
  10. Looks like Bolton and Oxford will be playing one another next season then.
  11. I'm sure they could come up with worse surnames for her character, but they already have Mandy Rose.
  12. If Allardyce and the players that were signed in January had been at the club since the beginning of the season, then yes, I think the team would've stayed up. I hope he stays for next season, I don't think there's anyone the club could possibly get to replace him who would give a better chance of getting the team back in the Premier League.
  13. I hope either Oxford or Lincoln go up, give me a new ground to go to next season.
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