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  1. So much for Ian Evatt's claim that Bolton are the best team in League One.
  2. You can't remember any because there aren't any! I would be okay with Stephanie squared, but if Tegan is going to be paired with anyone, I would like it to be with Viper-- unless Dakota gets called up and they put those two back together.
  3. Lacey Evans is a free agent as well, although of course she's on maternity leave.
  4. That's unfortunate, would've been a good time for you to play Sunderland after the thrashing they suffered yesterday.
  5. I'm glad I decided not to go to Stoke tonight.
  6. It's just up to WWE now. I believe the next set of tapings are early next month, so that might be a bit too soon, but after that it's probably just a question of where they're going to hold tapings, whether they're going to continue to base themselves in the BT Sport studio - like NXT prime did with Full Sail in the past and now with the Performance Centre - or whether they're going to go back to doing tapings around the country.
  7. My team scored 4 in an away win as well, and I didn't have to travel very to watch it-- the seventh time I've seen Albion play in my adopted hometown, and the first time I've seen them win here.
  8. Apparently there is talk of a show in the UK next September, to mark 30 years on from SummerSlam being held at the old Wembley-- no idea whether that show would be at the new Wembley or at another, smaller stadium.
  9. dje_wba

    WWE Drama

    Second match, wasn't it? Or second televised match, at least, excluding house shows-- his first match was at that year's SummerSlam, against Finn.
  10. dje_wba

    WWE Drama

    It happened here in the UK, which is of course where Marty is from. The girl was 16 at the time, which is the legal age here, but the accusation was that he had taken advantage of her while she was drunk.
  11. A couple of weeks shy of a year, yeah-- he had his first match on October 8th, last year.
  12. dje_wba

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, when he left in 2008.
  13. dje_wba

    WWE Drama

    Elias? First name that popped into my head, seeing as he appears to be getting a repackaging.
  14. Love a last minute winner.
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