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  1. Apparently Smith tore his MCL during the win over Moustache Mountain and so he and Carter had to vacate the titles. Briggs and Jensen are an interesting choice to be the new champs, certainly not the ones I would have expected, but now I'm curious as to how long they'll hold the titles for, and whether they'll be defending them on 2.0.
  2. It's gonna be Drew McIntyre.
  3. There has just been a post on Fightful Select about this - they have spoken with WWE service, who have confirmed that Candice LeRae is a free agent.
  4. Nothing to say about Bolton's fluke of a third goal, scoring with a tackle?
  5. I've got family that live about a 20 minute walk away from the stadium.
  6. Pete definitely acts like a different person, he has gone from being the Bruiserweight to being Scrappy Doo.
  7. Is it too much to ask for GYV to finally get a long overdue success?
  8. And they should be called Ringkampf, right?
  9. It was reported on Fightful Select that there have been pitches for Rhea and Ciampa to be part of Edge's stable, although no confirmation that either of them actually will be.
  10. I'm not sure any of the matches on night two of Mania can possibly be as bad as the match I've just watched between Blues and Albion. That was a waste of a tenner.
  11. According to Fightful Select, the Smackdown tag title match is scheduled to be the opener.
  12. Should've gotten Matthew McConaughey. Alright, alright, alright.
  13. The runners-up in the Men's Dusty Classic are getting a tag title shot, so why shouldn't the runners-up in the Women's tournament, I guess.
  14. Not just the week of Mania, but Mania itself, apparently.
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