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  1. I think Bayley is going to win it, and then Bayley and Sasha will get to have their Mania match.
  2. Denis Smith did in indeed join Albion from Oxford, being appointed Albion manager on Christmas Eve 1997. His first match in charge was away to Reading on Boxing Day, which - given the Oxford/Reading rivalry - is kind of ironic, thinking about it now; he was sacked a week and a half before the start of the 1999/2000 season. From holding Liverpool to a 1-1 draw away from home, to shipping 5 at home to Leeds without reply...
  3. I'm not sure. I like Bilic, I didn't want him to be sacked, so I was sorry to see him leave, but I'll admit that replacing him with Allardyce probably improved Albion's chances of staying up. At present I still think Albion are more likely to go down than stay up, but as I said, with Allardyce in charge they're probably more likely to stay up than they would've been if Bilic had remained Head Coach.
  4. Came from behind to draw at the Etihad, now came from behind to draw at Anfield... shame about everything else.
  5. No worries. I think at the time most people were surprised to see that they had been released, because most people had forgotten that they were still with the company.
  6. Weren't they released back in April? Or are they returning as well with Carlito?
  7. Isn't Eva Marie's hair pink now?
  8. They weren't really pointless, were they? I mean, if Bolton hadn't picked up those 15 points, they would be in a worse position than they are now.
  9. dje_wba

    WWE Drama

    That's not true, the merch was only on sale for a limited time anyway, until 6th December, which was before AEW announced Snoop would be making an appearance.
  10. I don't believe so, just a 30 minute pre-show.
  11. You should if two of those three goals come by the time the away side are already 6-1 up.
  12. I still think that's a bit dodgy, mate.
  13. It seems most likely that it'll be Io, after she gotten beaten down by Team Candice last week. Plus it's unlikely there's going to be a women's title match on the card, and I assume they'll want to have the women's champion be on the show, surely.
  14. At least someone was pleased about that result, I suppose...
  15. I agree, with Shotzi's team likely winning, and then one of her, Ember and Toni going on to be Io's next challenger.
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