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  1. That may be the plan, but if push came to shove, and they had not other option, then they would be forced to use them.
  2. Never any chance of them not being able to fill a Rumble, they would just use people from NXT if necessary.
  3. I think they're usually encouraged to suggest names, but sometimes they have names forced upon them without having any say in the matter.
  4. If he wasn't willing to put up with it, he wouldn't have relocated to the US.
  5. Them plus Sara Amato, Robbie Brookside, Norman Smiley, Terry Taylor... and that's about it.
  6. That seems more plausible. Certainly if either of the current champions are going to work both nights, it's more likely to be Roman than Brock.
  7. You really think Brock is going to work two nights at Mania? No chance.
  8. I saw posted somewhere else yesterday that there are 11 women on Raw and 9 on Smackdown, so 20 in total, although that of course includes the current champions. They'll need to use some women from NXT, plus some returning "legends," but that's no different to any of the previous women's Rumbles, so they should be able to put together a field of 30.
  9. The reason for it not happening was probably Covid related, or at least that's my guess.
  10. dje_wba

    WWE Drama

    Priscilla Kelly/Gigi Dolin and Darby Allin got divorced last year.
  11. dje_wba

    WWE Drama

    I'm well aware of that, but we can still dream. That's a valid point, which I hadn't thought about. Probably best just to use Piper Niven then. On the Kevin Owens news, I have found it interesting the past couple of weeks when listening to the Fightful Raw review that SRS said he thought KO would stay with WWE, while pretty much everyone else seem convinced that KO was AEW-bound.
  12. dje_wba

    WWE Drama

    Even better news would be filing a trademark for Viper.
  13. Yup, another goalless draw. Albion have had something live 65 shots in total in the past 3 matches without scoring. In fact, I've attended 3 matches in the past week, and only seen a single goal (scored by Huddersfield). With the way the other results have gone today though, nothing really has changed at the top of the table.
  14. Yeah, still in third, but the gap to the top two is growing, and the teams below are catching up. The team have been struggling to score lately, only scored twice in the past five matches-- they've been having plenty of shots, but most of them have been off target, not being clinical enough, or at least working the goalkeeper. I hope for an improvement tonight against Forest, but we'll see.
  15. And they've responded by sacking their manager. I had a day off work yesterday so that I could go to Blackpool to watch the Albion fail to score again.
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