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  1. Unless I'm mistaken, I think you're probably thinking of Tammy Lynn Sytch aka Sunny.
  2. Never mind, I've now seen that Liam Manning has been given the job.
  3. I've seen that Michael Appleton is the favourite for the Oxford job - would you want him back?
  4. Looks like you got what you wished for.
  5. I no longer have a season ticket for my team, so I'm not going to call you anything. Besides, the reason you gave is perfectly valid.
  6. Different regime now, different way of doing things.
  7. Will you be going to the final? I can't remember whether you went to the cup semi-final 12 years ago, the last time Bolton were at Wembley.
  8. Are you looking forward to watching your team play at The Toughsheet Stadium next season?
  9. PLEs have been starting at that time for a while now, for at least a year, I think.
  10. He and Jimmy aren't allowed to enter Canada though.
  11. She suffered a miscarriage in September, and then the following month she had treatment for an ectopic pregnancy.
  12. I read the match report on the BBC Sport website and was going to ask you whether you could tell, sat in the stands, that the referee had sent off the wrong player, although if the two players in question are of different races then I'm guessing the answer is yes. I had a look to try to find what happened to the referee who incorrectly sent off Gareth McAuley against Manchester City in 2015, instead of Craig Dawson, but I couldn't find anything. I'm assuming that the referee, and possibly his assistants as well, will not be given a game to officiate next weekend.
  13. I read elsewhere that the fog was so bad that fans in the stands could barely see what was going on on the pitch - how was it for you?
  14. He signed a developmental deal in 2013, but was released in August 2014. The ring name he had at the time was Slate Randall, and it was about six months after he was released that he went to TNA/Impact, and started to properly make a name for himself as Eli Drake.
  15. Eight games ago, Albion were bottom of the table, three points away from safety. Now they're up to ninth, just a point outside the play-off places; the Championship is great.
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