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  1. There is that, plus as you brought up following the show on Wednesday, they need to have enough numbers to fill out the qualifiers for the ladder match, so as well as Ridge Holland, we could maybe potentially see one or two others who haven't been regulars in NXT before now.
  2. I think he must live in Orlando (or at least somewhere in that neck of the woods). He has been in the crowd at Raw/Smackdown.
  3. Actually it'll be a five-man ladder match, not six.
  4. Tonight I've been having pizza and a couple of cans of this:
  5. Although there hasn't been in a post in it for almost nine months, there's already a thread for this topic: https://caws.ws/forum/topic/460890-wrestling-pet-peeves/
  6. Her first win since her return, her first win in nearly a year and a half;
  7. Yeah, all of a sudden, Albion and Brentford are trying to out-bottle one another.
  8. Come on you Baggies!
  9. I think I preferred it when there was no football being played...
  10. Yes, although I'm not sure how different the design of the new belt is-- I heard/read that it's similar to the current one, just bigger.
  11. I heard a rumour earlier that WWE are considering having McIntyre drop the title to Orton at Summerslam, so that they can have him regain once they are allowed to have fans in attendance again. Whether there's any truth to that of course remains to be seen.
  12. It isn't going to be revealed until the night of the show.
  13. Some positive news for you, finally, after a couple of difficult years?
  14. Gayle was on loan last season, and the club tried to sign him back in August - a deal was agreed with Newcastle for another season-long loan, which would be made permanent upon promotion, but Gayle turned it down, not because he didn't wanted to come back to The Hawthorns, but because he didn't want to go out on loan again, he just wanted a straight permanent move. There was a rumour last week that they might try to sign him again this summer, but I don't know whether there's any truth in that - we'll see, I guess. That match you referred to was Alan Irvine's third match during his six months as Albion Head Coach. It actually finished 1-1 [after extra time], with Albion winning 7-6 on penalties.
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