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  1. At home in Dudley, probably. Just catching up on the show now, and listening to Eddie's promo following his win over Oliver Carter, is it too much to hope that Mark will turn on Flash and that FSU will then be a team in NXT UK?
  2. While Jimmy going to Raw would mean him and Jey going their separate ways, it would put him on the same show as his wife, so it's not implausible that that might happen.
  3. Don't forget the finish to Reigns/Strowman two years ago.
  4. I wouldn't rule that out as a possibility, not after what happened last year, when the names they published prior to the draft had people listed in the same order that they were drafted.
  5. Midnight our time; if you're interested in the pre-show, that starts at half 11.
  6. Looking at Bolton's history, the 80's was their worst decade: 3 years in the 2nd division, 6 years in the 3rd division, and 1 year in the 4th division-- the only decade in which they haven't spent at least one season in the top flight.
  7. So this is the last weekend where all, or almost all, of the matches will be televised then? Presumably the reason they're no longer be able to do that is because after the international break, the Champions League and the Europa League start, which would make scheduling all of the fixtures for TV impossible or nearly impossible. And I suppose I should be wanting Fulham to beat Wolves, although already this season Fulham have let us down once, against Villa. I don't want Fulham picking up too many points anyway, considering they're more likely than Wolves to be relegation rivals for Albion.
  8. Living in Cardiff, they're aren't any non-league teams around here for me to follow - not ones in the English pyramid at least! I do follow Nuneaton Borough though, who are my hometown club. They were in the Conference/National League as recently as 2015, but are now two division below it, following a couple of relegations. When I was still living at home with my parents, I would sometimes go and watch them play, if Albion didn't have a game that day, but it has been a while now -the last time I saw them play was an away match at Newport in August 2012, which of course isn't very far from me here in Cardiff; they lost 4-0. The last time I went to a home match was in October 2005, a 0-0 draw with Tiverton Town in one of the qualifying rounds of the FA Cup - coincidentally, the following day I then saw Albion lose 2-0 at Bolton. Anway, Nuneaton went onto reach the 3rd round that season, where they were drawn against Middlesbrough, losing 5-2 at the Riverside in a replay, after the first match finished 1-1; Nuneaton's goal in the first match was an injury time penalty, which came from a handball by the current England manager. On the subject of Premier League matches on TV, from when is that going to effect?
  9. Damn, that could've been Albion through to the quarterfinals of the League Cup [for the first time in a decade].
  10. I had the misfortune to start watching Albion during the worst decade in their history, the 90s being the only decade in which they haven't spent at least one season in the top flight, and the only season in which they've played in what's now League One. I remember my first two visits to Craven Cottage, in the 99/00 and 00/01 seasons (a 1-0 loss and a 0-0 draw respectively), following Fulham having won promotion from the Second Division, and before they then got promoted to the Premier League; the next season, 01/02, was when Albion finally won promotion to the Premier League, returning to the top flight after 16 years outside it.
  11. I completely forgot Fulham had four seasons outside the Premier League. I mean, I remember them beating Villa in the playoffs in 2018, to return to the Premier League, but I had forgotten that they had been in the Championship for four years at the time, and I certainly didn't remember them finishing as low as 20th.
  12. When did Fulham finish 20th in the Championship?
  13. Nikki Cross not being on SD this past Friday, two days before facing Bayley for title, seemed a bit strange at the time; I guess now we know why that was.
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