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  1. I assume you must be happy with being drawn at home to Arsenal in the third round.
  2. A 3rd win in a row for Albion, after having only won 2 of the previous 17, 3 clean sheets in a row as well, and out of the relegation zone just in time for the start of the World Cup break. Am I right in thinking that League One [and below] are continuing during the World Cup?
  3. Well, one of them is guaranteed to be eliminated in the first round, as tonight it's Braun vs. Jinder - so probably Jinder - and Nakmura vs. Escobar.
  4. Carlos Corberán, who took Huddersfield to the playoff final last year, hopefully he can get Albion moving up the table.
  5. Albion announcing the appointment of a new Head Coach at 11:30pm seems a bit strange...
  6. Sadly I can't say I'm surprised. Last week a footballer who played for a club here in the UK was forced to retire due to a heart condition, and there were anti-vaxxers who tried to blame it on the Covid vaccine, despite it being a hereditary heart condition.
  7. Ian Evatt 20/1 to be the new Albion manager.
  8. I was just about to share the same news. In response to your query about Nigel McGuinness, he is on commentary for Level Up, alongside Sudu Shah.
  9. I read that they're looking a moving to a new stadium - what's wrong with the Kassam? It's only about 20 years old!
  10. My guess is the same reason the final episodes of Black & Gold were also taped, i.e. they need additional time to reconfigure the CWC/NXT Arena/Performance Centre/whatever else you want to call it.
  11. I thought promotion was "gonna be too much for this season" for Bolton...
  12. Seeing as he isn't needed for NXT UK any more, give the role to Nigel McGuinness.
  13. How do you do a triple threat 2 out of 3 falls match? What if each of the 3 falls are won by a different person, then you would need a 4th fall.
  14. Yup. I'm not entirely sure what part of the stadium I'm going to be in, as a friend of mine took care of the tickets, but I think we're in the lower tier, somewhere near the entranceway.
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