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  1. 2 Trill makes his debut. Anarchy enters the ring to loud boos.
  2. Tony Alpha Sean Harris Zach McIntyre Anarchy
  3. War Hammer slams Cody Styles into the ring. Cody Styles plants a kick to the side of the head of War Hammer. Tyson Goldman drops bombs on Vlad Dracul as the referee tries to break them apart. The EAW World Chamion prepares to enter the ring. Amir Ca$hman wins the EAW Cruiserweight title. Philly Brown attempts to make a name for himself on the Thursday night house show. Team America is vicorious in their first ever match. Umm, JOB Squad's Mike Carpenter holds on tight as he jumps over the top rope. Platinum Black looks to make a statement.
  4. Love this project. Have you made their ring/arena?
  5. Needed a new title to spread out my roster a bit. An 8-man Free For All would settle it. (L-R) Andre Moralis, Lex Valentine, Badass Billy Brown, Yamazaki Masa, Tony Alpha, Sergeant Johnson, Philly Brown, & David Riley The very first ever EAW Intercontinental champion is Lex Valentine.
  6. A new big man has joined the ranks of EAW. Badass Billy Brown won his first match in EAW. After Jack Nelson lost the U.S. Championship he grabbed a partner and started Skull & Bones. Sergeant Johnson, a former Army drill sergeant, enters the ring.
  7. No titles changed hands at TLC. Cody Styles keeps the EAW U.S. belt Shane Diamond remains the Cruiserweight Champion after a triple threat TLC match. The Rock Brothers stay Tag Team champs by defeating Office Party in a table match. The EAW World Champion...still.
  8. I took a long break from this game and finally getting back to my universe. Here are some of my gimmick wrestlers. Jack Nelson vs Andre Moralis battled it out to move up the ranks for the EAW US Championship.
  9. Search for hashtag gammaohio and you will see all that I have uploaded so far.
  10. Created a third show for Wednesdays and here a few screenshots.
  11. They look great and those movesets are brutal to create.
  12. I believe it is called suplex sideslam and not sure who uses it IRL. I rarely watch today's wrestling.
  13. Just some random action shots from my AI vs AI universe.
  14. Nice ending to retain the EAW World Championship. e2db6a4f-559b-4698-8793-bb07f93162bd.mp4
  15. Anyone know what I may have done to make his eyes look odd? Also, my new work in progress original CAW.
  16. Just some more CAWs. The Rock Brothers have been created for at least 10 years, while The Legend has been made for 20 years if not more. War Hammer (bald red head) is a brand new CAW.
  17. Cody Styles & Curt Landon Hashtags: gammaohio, cawmunity, originalcaw
  18. My soon to be available cruiserweight luchador.
  19. Just some CAWs I have been making since 2K16. Still working the movesets so they don't have every powerhouse finisher as normal moves.
  20. ANTIFA & Q-Anon Shaman are both on CC now. Get ridiculous in your universe. Hashtags: gammaohio, originalcaw, EAW
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