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  1. It starts with a name or a gimmick for me. This can hit me on a drive or in the middle of work. Heck, I had a tag team in 2K22 called Office Party that consisted of two d-bags you can find causing problems in any office setting. Their names were simply Jeff and Steve. They even had the "Hello, my name is..." name tags.
  2. Looks like I now have plans at 6 pm on Tuesday.
  3. Not sure how I missed this thread, but these are all good AF. Great work.
  4. Glad to hear that. I rarely got feedback on my CAWs but those 3 Jobbers got downloaded the most. I will recreate them soon. I just can't get my faces to look similar in 2K23 so my CAWs are going to look a bit off. I got Hardcore Johnny looking close with better attire.
  5. Jobbers need love, too. HAHA The "Can She Kick It" shirt gave me an idea for a CAW. Thanks.
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