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  1. Your CAW work is great...that Photoshop work though . Just kidding. These all look great. I got a little inspiration from some of your so thank you for that. Keep it up.
  2. Just uploaded these three to CC today. #gammaohio Buck Masters is a new CAW I created this year. He is good for retro universes or as a mid-card title challenger. He is 6'6" and 275 pounds from Kansas City, MO. Hardcore Johnny is 6'1" 263 pounds out of Pinevile, WV and is a good addition to ECW style feds. I use him as my top face in the Hardcore division. A former patient of Pennhurst Insane Asylum, this 6'6" 318 pound monster is useful to get that baby face main eventer over the top.
  3. My current tag teams. Gods of War is based on old war gods of different cultures. Tyr and Neit are the actual tag team. The always crowd favorite JOB Squad. They always end up getting a push in my UM. The ultimate baby face tag team that will never leave the 1980s behind. Two former Division 1 All-American college wrestler came together to put on a technical wrestling spectacle for the fans. This is a brand new team I created this year. Two former construction workers wanted to win gold so they quit their day jobs and created a tag team.
  4. Alto Volante is a Guatemalan cruiserweight high-flyer. The belt isn't my design outside of the EAW logo I added. Badass Billy Brown is someone I created for the first time last year. He wrestles very similar to Andre the Giant.
  5. I uploaded Alto Volante under gammaohio if you still need cruiserweights. Here are some other that are about ready.
  6. This is the last CAW I completed in 2K22. Also, EAW got a new sponsor, Blackout Fine Malt Liquor.
  7. Another CAW I have made for years, Devin Punk, and a different angle of Psycho Death. Still playing with moves. Devin Punk has finishers of Scoop Slam/Punch Combo & Texas Piledriver. Psycho Death has Sister Abigail 4 & Mandible Claw 4.
  8. Some screenshots of CAWs I will upload this week. Team America is a team made up of All-American D1 college wrestlers that absolutely want to overpower you and make you tap out. Psycho Death (not sure about this name) is a new CAW I created trying to use a face texture of Bruce Campbell. The texture's nose made it impossible for me to use so I started adding face paint. And everyone's favorite hillbilly is uploaded under hashtag GammaOhio
  9. Cruiserweight. His height and weight are in the corner of the pic on left.
  10. EDIT: Uploaded under the hashtag gammaohio. I tried so hard to create good masks last year, but I just suck at it.
  11. I appreciate that. I would to hear how they do once you get it all going.
  12. He has been uploaded. Hashtag GammaOhio will get you to him.
  13. My two cents. This is the order for me. Cross, Sullivan, King, Cruz, Taylor, Maximus
  14. Looks like I now have plans at 6 pm on Tuesday.
  15. No worries. Thanks for reply. I have 8 uploaded now with another 9 or so ready or almost ready. My next big creation session will be a tag team I created in 2K22 for the first time, Team America.
  16. Oh damn. Yeah, he will tonight. I have never uploaded him as he is based off me...minus the actual physique. I have been making him since WWF War Zone (I think it was that one). He has gone through so many personalities. These days he is GLORIOUS with a Randy Orton style. His finisher was Twist of Fate for a long time and the switched to the Pedigree. Now I stick with the RKO.
  17. EDIT: Hillbilly Willy Baker is now on CC. #GammaOhio I decided to create a new Jobber. He isn't on CC, yet. Not sure if anyone would want to download him. Here is Hillbilly Willy Baker.
  18. Great work. I like the character/gimmicks. They really pop out with their attires.
  19. Edit: Now uploaded under #GammaOhio Current cruiserweight I am remaking from 2K22. I had to change the hair since the mask won't work with his normal hair.
  20. Just uploaded. #GammaOhio Tag Team: The Rock Brothers (order: Jesse & Justin) Finisher: Skyscraper Senton Entrance: Rock & Roll Music: 80's 4 Victory: (F) Rock & Roll (H) Team Extreme Tag Team: The Job Squad (order: Mike & Terry are the tag team / Wayne I use him for Hardcore Title chase) Finisher: Whip & Clothesline Enteance: Freedom Birds 1 Music: AJ Styles Tag Victory: (F) Freedom Birds 5 (H) Freedom Birds 4 Trio Victory: (F & H) Freedom Birds 1 Title: (F) Generic 1 (H) Generic 4
  21. Full body shots. I need to make Terry Russell (2nd guy) a bit taller then will upload them along with The Rock Brothers.
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