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  1. Created a third show for Wednesdays and here a few screenshots.
  2. They look great and those movesets are brutal to create.
  3. I believe it is called suplex sideslam and not sure who uses it IRL. I rarely watch today's wrestling.
  4. Just some random action shots from my AI vs AI universe.
  5. Nice ending to retain the EAW World Championship. e2db6a4f-559b-4698-8793-bb07f93162bd.mp4
  6. I use #gammaohio for all of my CAWs. All are realistic and I only have 2 that are in the 90s but I have yet to upload them. I have a thread on this site showing some of them. Just look for the WAO1048 thread.
  7. Anyone know what I may have done to make his eyes look odd? Also, my new work in progress original CAW.
  8. This was a fun match for AI vs AI.
  9. Just some more CAWs. The Rock Brothers have been created for at least 10 years, while The Legend has been made for 20 years if not more. War Hammer (bald red head) is a brand new CAW.
  10. Cody Styles & Curt Landon Hashtags: gammaohio, cawmunity, originalcaw
  11. My soon to be available cruiserweight luchador.
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