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  1. Get on anyway, you can dream with us

  2. Get on live if you're awake...me and raff is on

  3. No, you remove your shoe and put it on your head.

  4. He is the biggest betrayer of all Flawres. Don't let him lie.

  5. Just shut up and get out.

  6. Ernez

    Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  7. Ernez

    Yeah, I'm done with this discussion. You clearly think you should have bypasses than anyone else. If you want to dispute this matter anymore, do so via Forum Help but I assure you, it won't go anywhere.

  8. Ernez

    I would say the same about you, but apparently you always was like that behind my back. ;)

  9. Ernez

    The rules clearly state no censor bypassing. Simple as that.

  10. Ernez

    You've been warned about censor bypassing before. You know better.

  11. Ernez

    I asked the other mods about it, and they agreed it wasn't warn worthy. Stop causing trouble bro.

  12. He asked to be banned after getting in trouble (we was only warning him) he kept saying ban him, so we did.

  13. I didn't even know I had the channel for ROH and I do. I'm so happy.
  14. Haha, yeah I'm 22. I was born in Hamburg, Germany. Moved to United States when I was young.

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