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  1. And Eva Marie. Don't forget about her. Yeah I call shenanigans on that excuse. That's not what they said. Yeah, Mink is right. They didn't say that at all. They said they have a list, they sent over to WWE, WWE didn't approve the 4 horsewoman.
  2. Didn't realize you made a topic till I checked this section. Good job on this.
  3. Just some shots I took of my place and me LOL
  4. Nope, we haven't had custom music for 2 years now.
  5. I took these Metal Gear Solid screens on pc, they're meant to be that size btw, made them for tumblr
  6. I just let them download and deleted them the next day.
  7. Yeah, I had to redownload it twice, the first time the games ran horrible, like it was in slow motion.
  8. If you rather play on PC, download a program called bluestacks. It's a tablet emulator but rather having roms, it actually has the google play and all that so its not illegal. It uses your email or google play account and gets all your games and all, can be played on the internet, etc. I play supercard on it a lot.
  9. Yup. It's nice to have a game without combat, tbh. Very peaceful. Very nice aesthetic as well. And it's not without challenge. The main gameplay is climbing these buildings and collecting pieces of the story, which explains what happened to your character and to the city itself. But some of these things you collect are kind of confusing to get to. You can see them, but you need to figure out how to get to them...so, it's more thought-provoking than I expected it to be, which is nice. Also, a very easy 1000g/platinum...if you're into that sort of thing. It got poor reviews, tbh...but I don't know why. I think some people just don't appreciate what the game aims to be. So I've played it quite a while, and I see what you mean. Not sure why it's getting such bad reviews. It is what it is. It has decent visuals and I kinda like the art style.
  10. It has a timer, but you can buy like 20 and pretty much go as far down as you like.
  11. What do you mean you don't know how? How he did undertakers pin? He probably reversed the tombstone into another tombstone.
  12. No screenshot feature, don't know why Suppose to come in the future I hear.
  13. Ernez

    I see you made fun of me on Raff's profile. >=O

  14. I'm sorry, I didn't get a PM that I got a comment. It's because you're always saying what Mods should do, etc. It's backseat moderating.

  15. Epic background nub.

  16. Power ranger *Censored*.

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