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  1. This game is so much more frustrating than RDR 1 ever was. At least when it comes to completing the missions it is damn frustrating, and there is so many of them where you have to take a wagon from one place to the other. I've literally failed missions in the stupidest of ways that never in a million tries happen in a normal non-mission playthrough. For example when trying to run away from someone my horse will just trip and die and I get shot up, or I crash the wagon when I'm almost at the point I'm supposed to take it, and the most recent one setting myself on fire while trying to set the cornfields on fire. I really hate it how you have to start the mission all over, there is no midpoint saves. I think I've wasted probably a good five hours on missions that I just end up dying on.

    Not to be rude but this paragraph is something else.


    Stay on the road, I've never once crashed a wagon tbh. I never killed my horse through the whole game. As far as the cornfields...you're suppose to throw the bottle much further than where you are....

    There is midpoint saves in mission....look at the bottom of the screen. It's A for midpoint, X for restarting whole missions (xbox one)

  2. Since it is now finally out here in the UK, I just thought I would say my god what a game. The only downside is that I can not seem to figure how to do triple threats and fatal four ways, etc. but other than it it is amazing.

    Go to Battle Royal. You can change how you win in that, by over the rope, pin etc. You can choose 3 people there. :)

  3. I don't see how the phone having the atm is a bad thing. It's fast, easy, convenient and less risky when asshole players are around

    but that's what I'm saying. It took the fun out for me. When the ATM wasn't in the phone (or we didn't know about it) robbing stores and trying to get to an ATM was fun before someone killed you. Now it's let me rob this, go into my phone...bam done. It just wasn't fun to me anymore. A lot about the game just screamed "GET MONEY AS FAST AS YOU CAN WITHOUT REPERCUSSIONS" instead of enjoying getting there.

  4. I remember when I first played and Pyres, ThreeG, Golf and myself would rob a store and think we were big shots trying to hurry to an ATM to deposit the money. Having the ATM in the phone ruined all that. A lot of the game ruins itself IMO.

  5. Some type of time travel dlc where GTA meets RDR would be cool. Imagine Tommy Vercetti riding along with John Marston shooting shit while trying to find a way back to present time? Id take that as well.

    No offense to you but I hope they keep anything and everything like this away from RDR2. If I start seeing flying shit like in GTA Imma be pissed.

  6. Need to get back to the PC version. No sense in buying the PS4 version for me, since I own the PC version (which has the mods and such)...but I need to bring myself to get back into it. Is there a way to easily delete the entire roster yet? That was kinda what made me stop playing before...I wanted to clear the clutter and really couldn't.

    If I'm not mistaken, I think there is a mod for that. But in the actual game, I don't think so.

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