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  1. You're thinking in the way big companies do it, like WWE. Basically I feel the way VB does it, if it cost more to get them in, it'll be DLC so they can recoup some of that. Also Justin Credible confirmed.
  2. Basically they aren't ready to show the gameplay or anything so they figured for SOME news they'd announce the roster as they sign them. DLC I would assume is probably who they think they can get the most money off of? Not sure.
  3. Velvet Sky is DLC and Simon Miller (WhatCulture) is teased.
  4. This forum will probably pick up around 2k22. ThreeG has tried to do something about the forum but right now its just dead due to lack of wrestling games and hell, even wrestling talk is dying. Wish Tom Rice would have let him change it to an all around gaming forum years ago.
  5. From my understanding you are correct. 5,600 is the limit.
  6. They're not secretive about anything. Roster came first because how the world is right now. Gameplay and things will be shown as soon as they feel it's ready to be shown. They're only announcing roster now to hype it up. Take AEW for example, Kenny Omega said it wouldn't be out until 2022 or 2023 yet they showed a CGI trailer.
  7. Sandman preview, Marty Jennetty and Scott Steiner teased!
  8. Ernez

    Youtube Channel

    Doing a series every monday and friday if ya'll wanna check it out
  9. As you all may know...I've had my avy of Luke (Brodie) on here for years. I can't believe it. I'm in utter shock.
  10. Jimmy Crack Corn. 

  11. On PC I barely had bad glitches however am I the only one who DIDNT like the AI? Like it's god awful. Everything from enemies to cops to pedestrians. Everything seems so simple. Put me off.
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