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Queen Stephanie

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    Jeff Hardy/Stephanie McMahon
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  1. God i hope. Let Sasha go to SD. Well, SD might need a new Boss after all.
  2. Jeff had Seth AND Finn on all fours for him, livin' the dream!
  3. Great props from the crowd. Poor Paige.
  4. I was hoping she'd stay as Absolution's manager/leader. :/
  5. Miz 'bout to be shook right on to SD
  6. I think Trish borrowed her attire from Steph
  7. Lita has past women written on her arm. Luna. Chyna. That's...really awesome.
  8. Love Becky's coat. Please God give Jojo the mic back.
  9. They really need to put Renee on commentary sometime. I think she's rock it.
  10. Lesnar looks like he's about to be pinned by a coronary.
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