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  1. sure, why not. gotta get the game first tho :)

  2. bless his little cotton socks! he thinks he's cool by making 2 accounts to make it think like someone's agreeing with him

  3. what program do you use to make your awesome sigs?

  4. u gotta learn not to get so stressed about some of the posts, it happens all the time.

    anyway, i'll be the first to say it: welcome to the site!

  5. been here for less than an hour and already you've made a rep as a troll. great job!

  6. time to change the screen name. 17-0 now dude!!!!!!

  7. kudos to ur sig. at last somebody understands what WWE is really about. Yeah, people say it's fake but it's about entertain the milliions of fans. I take my hat off to you (if I had one)

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