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Avatar Mallen

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About Avatar Mallen

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    Upper Midcard
  • Birthday 07/27/1990

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    The Undertaker
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    Movie scores, classical, musicals
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    Restaurant assistant
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    Lemon Cheesecake
  • Ethnicity
    Caucasian, No religion
  • Favourite TV Show
    Top Gear
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About Me

My Original Caws (as of WWE 2K16):

Andy Mathews, the straight-edge high flyer with a dark side

Darren King, the regal pain and leader of the Royal Flush

The Immortal, masked mystery powerhouse

Blake Anderson, the brawler and his motorbike

Travis Williams, a towering psychopath

"The Real Deal" Bryant Morgan, the ultimate brawling fist machine

"The One and Only" Jarad Moore, technically perfect and one half of the Trailblazers

Nick Knightly, Canada's faithful and the other half of the Trailblazers

Nightmare, the painted man from the shadows

Chad Mako, backstreet gangsta from Japan

"The Scorpion" Jack Harrison, the Aussie high flyer

Flare, the ultimate daredevil

Jacob Cass, NXT graduate and superfan

Marshall Silver, the new Brooklyn Brawler

Destructor, a newcomer with power on his side

"The Wolfman" Mick Hammett, full of animal instinct

Shane "The Ace" Andrews, the Royal Flush's high flyer

Bryce "The Jack" Warden, the Royal Flush's powerhouse

France "The 10" Massi, the Royal Flush's brawler

CJ McGregor, the rookie technical superstar

"Mexican Spectacular" Archangel, Mexican Luchador royalty

El Fuego, the Lucha powerhouse

"The Patriot" Bill Washington, a true American

Ying Zhu & Yang Kai, twin Chinese tag team

Black Ninja, the original original returns

Heather, the party girl

Klara, the sadist diva

Crysis, a disaster waiting to happen

Sophia "The Queen" Kent, the Royal Flush's valet

Gollum, The Lord of the Rings

Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

Wolverine, X-Men

Stephen Amell, Arrow

Jesus, our Lord and Savior

Satan, Lord of Darkness

The Vampire, ...a vampire

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