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  1. How do I make space for more edits on the PS4? It seems I've reached my limit and the game says I have the option to delete edits and make space. But I never grasped how to delete singular data on the Ps4 ever since I've had it. Can anyone help?
  2. And? And what? I just said it tongue in cheek, glad its finally getting its recognition on this specific forum.
  3. Been tellin' CAWs for years about Fire Pro. They did an awesome job wit my main man, Jay Whte.
  4. Fire Pro World, lots and lots of Fire Pro World. Ever since Fire Promoter came and I learned the cheat to having a roster of more than 6 wrestlers from the very beginning, and replacing the generated promotions with the real world promotions I've created outside the mode, I havent been able to put it down. When I do manage it, I'm mostly playing Wolfenstein New Order, I want to finish that and then go directly into playing New Colossus, the most recent Wolfenstein game. When not playing Wolfenstein, its NBA 2k19. Still have yet to complete Spider-Man, and God Of War., I'll get back to those eventually. I'm trying to beat all these games before Days Gone comes out. I got it on digital pre-order, and I know majority of my time will be spent in the zombie and crook infested post apocalypse.
  5. Dont know if you guys know this or not, but on PS4 theres a cheat that you can use to have more than 6 wrestlers on your roster. You just have to hold L1 & L2 when selecting difficulty and when you select how many other promotions you want to compete against. Only thing is, after testing it myself it seems to only work with the promotions and stables you've already created prior to the Fire Promoter release, lie for example New Japan, WWE, AEW, Shimmer, whichever promotions you guys may have made. And you can change the default promotions like "ONI" with the promotions you run outside of the Fire Promoter mode. Credit to Tenchi (?) over on Critical! Club forum who first figured this out and brought the cheat to attention.
  6. Looks like goggles but on inside his mask. Like trying to make comic drawn eye holes look real.
  7. I dont use deadeye either. Funny cause I literally used it all the time in RDR1 and Red Dead Revolver, which had a form of it. Yes because using deadeye or not, the game is not that difficult.
  8. So I'm in Lemoyne, and I see a body hanging from a tree, I rode past it at first, doubled back thinking my eyes is playing tricks on me and sure enough its a body hanging from the tree, while I'm staring at it, these weird dudes all painted , some wearing masks appear and begin to attack, or try to attack me with knives. I shoot em' down, and I'm left just thinking like, "WTF?"
  9. Ive come across those guys twice. First time I came across a huge meeting, burning crosses and all. Killed them all. Second time I came across three of them, the leader who had black robes and two others in white. The leader was directing the other two to set up the cross, killed them all again, but shot one early enough for the cross to fall and crush them both.
  10. I thought they confirmed that there will be a sequel to the whole Zombie adventure DLC from RDR1?
  11. Ive only caught one legendary animal outside of the mission where youre first put on to them. Thats the Bison near Lake Isabella. Killed it with an arrow too.
  12. I have the big horse that you get at some point from one of your gang members, the thoroughbred stabled. I got a horse I caught in the wild hitched somewhere. No matter where I am, if Im close to him, hell come running. And I got my trusty Snow White Arabian as my main horse.
  13. I got a gold gun in story mode, it's probably not the one you guys are talking about though. It was one of the photo of the former gunslinger quest., the guy you had to chase on the train after he runs away from you and to the top of the train before you draw ad have to kill him within seconds. He drops a gold carved pistol. I didnt get any spell achievement though so I doubt its anything fabled.
  14. Then how can they be GTA characters, if they're not? And I think being a real Outlaw, as in murdering innocents, robbing back room operations, getting into bar fights only to stab the guy to death, fits Arthurs character perfectly fine. It's all about you, and the reactions you choose to have with the NPC's. Instead of greeting them, I mostly antagonize them until it lbuilds to a head, and they DIE !
  15. I saw a video about that on YT but didn't bother watching it. I dont think they're GTA characters, easter eggs are nice, but having GTA characters in a Western based game where the timelines are drastically different, ruins the credibility of both titles.
  16. Ross wasn't fishing, he was shooting ducks, but yea.
  17. Runs fine on the PS4, I'd assume the same for XB1, its a game made for consoles.
  18. I just did that mission with the poker, ended up losing my double action pistol fighting the bearded guy.
  19. Use your knife to cut it off Huh? Wow, the game doesnt tell you that
  20. How df do you unsaddle your horse. I'm following what it says, hold L2 while I'm near my horse and hold up on the d-pad, he just keeps doing that whistling, or "c'mon".
  21. When df is the Fire Promoter DLC coming out?
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