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  1. He will be come Crisis On Infinite Earths. Which is shaping up to be awesome. Brandon Routh is playing his old Superman character from Superman Begins, but he'll be playing Kingdom Come Superman, which means the Superman Begins movie is officially canon now, because its THAT Superman who turned into Kingdom Come Superman. They're also trying to bring in Tom Wellings from Smallville, to play another Superman, but that has yet to be confirmed. They'll also have the Superman from the Supergirl TV show. I think its been confirmed that Kevin Conroy will be playing Batman Beyond era Bruce Wayne, which means we'll get a Terry McGinniss and Batman Beyond outfit. They're also supposed to be including the original Robin from the 60s show with Adam West.Dunno who hes playing but if its an older Tim Drake, that'll be even better, because we may possibly get a storyline like the Batman Beyond movie, where Jokers dead, but due to a device he placed in Tims head prior to him dying, Tim literally turns into Joker. But it'll be like a Shazam!/Miracleman scenario where they literally switch bodys and consciousness with their Heroic alter egos. Just minus the Joker. I just cannot wait for this. Think its a situation of him just being past Smallville and Arrowverse, being content and happy of where his lifes at now. The CW Arrowverse production and directing team approached him in the past with multiple opportunites to be on ANY of the Arrowverse shows, and he'dd always turn it down, .For some reason, now, people are going crazy because theres some, sentiment that now he's going to accept, and the internet are simply fanning the flames.
  2. Fire Pro World, lots and lots of Fire Pro World. Ever since Fire Promoter came and I learned the cheat to having a roster of more than 6 wrestlers from the very beginning, and replacing the generated promotions with the real world promotions I've created outside the mode, I havent been able to put it down. When I do manage it, I'm mostly playing Wolfenstein New Order, I want to finish that and then go directly into playing New Colossus, the most recent Wolfenstein game. When not playing Wolfenstein, its NBA 2k19. Still have yet to complete Spider-Man, and God Of War., I'll get back to those eventually. I'm trying to beat all these games before Days Gone comes out. I got it on digital pre-order, and I know majority of my time will be spent in the zombie and crook infested post apocalypse.
  3. You are an actual moron All petty insults like usual the fact is there no threat to anyone because it still just a over hype indy show with no tv del probably none in the works and even if they do it on a no name network Actually no, the rumor going around is they'll e announcing a tv deal pretty soon and that it'll be with Turner Broadcasting, which is TNT and/or TBS. Both mainstream channels. And they dont have to be a WWE competitor its first year as a promotion to be an actual wrestling promotion and not just a "t-shirt company". But if you think its just a t-shirt company, youre an idiot.
  4. I just started watching Supergirl again, it's sick their running their own Red Son storyline.
  5. Yea , I'm actually finding Super kind of hard to watch until Black shows up. Thats because I saw the Beerus and Golden Frieza films before they were adapted to weekly episodes, and a lot of the filler is simply unbearable, for me,
  6. I like the show but thats funny, because most of the reviews I've seen have been from readers of the graphic novels and they either say the complete opposite or say there was too much depth given to certain characters specifically Cha-Cha & Hazel.
  7. So idk if this fits in this thread, but I'm watching The Wire on Amazon Prime, and I notice Vladimir Kozlov, hes in Season Two Episode 10, like right at the end. This is the second time I've seen dude in a series, first time was Season two of Punisher with the gym fight.
  8. LU was SO awesome at one point, but the issues they continue to have with talent, undoubtedly has hurt the brand.
  9. Really sorry about that, it totally slipped my mind that it was a spoiler.
  10. Oohh, okay I see. Thats easy to see why I was confused, because in the show he refers to the older lady that the girl lives with as his aunt. I had just assumed that woman was the her mom. AoT seems to have a pretty interesting backstory, just going by the recent posts in this thread. Gotta check it out.
  11. I love The Man In The High Castle,enough so that I got the book. Think I'll keep Amazon Prime after my trial is up.
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