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  1. We Man I can’t unlock Eddie this lean against the rope DDT ain’t happening for me.
  2. New Season I'll have to join in again. Clash of Champions.
  3. I hated MK11 at first, starting you enjoy it slowly, just wish they had some more characters to use, for tower modes. I'm doing the crypt as we speak.
  4. R Truth is currently trending as the #1 Wrestler on social media in the company
  5. Watch some You tube vids you only get 40 and have to 5mb or under in size ?
  6. Hmmmm... I was wondering what the game update was all about when I turned on the PS4 before work today. Yeah 40 is better then nothing good move by Fire Pro. I did a few last night, now trying to figure out who to shove in stable to maximize it.
  7. You can now add up to 40 custom themes to your game now.
  8. It's kinda like Universe mode with contracts and promotions. Few still miles ahead.
  9. Is this available in Australia yet ???
  10. Got 10 points and didn't, know a single single wrestler accept that bird did a porno or something. Did as good as my NHL tipping. Bring on the Rumble.
  11. Jordan Devlin Dave Mastiff Moustache Mountain Rhea Ripley Pete Dunne
  12. Drew Orton Lashley Nattie Truthmella Braun ends up Kurt beating Corbin Dean Ronda Cedric New Day Becky Bryan
  13. Don't worry if did supershowdown instead I went and forget, I would have won by 1 point ohwell royal rumble be fun predicting. TLC be a boring end to 2k19 then the fun starts again.
  14. Team Smackdown The Usos winner The Bar w/Bigshow Brock Lesnar Ronda Rousey Seth Rollins Buddy Murphy Team RAW mens Team Smackdown womens Niki Cross Survivor Nikki Cross
  15. If did super showdown I'd be near the top
  16. Aliester Black Shayna Kairi Shayna Shayna wins Ciampa Undisputed Era
  17. I finally got back from Holiday and completed chapter 1 will smash out 2 and 3 from tomorrow and then Explore over the weekend.
  18. Nakamura Seth beat lashley Kurt beat Dolph Miz beat Jeff Orton beat Rey Miz beat orton Seth beat kurt Winner The Miz DX Aj Styles Brock New Day
  19. Rousey Lita N Trish Dana brooke first Elimnated Most Elimations Nia Jax. Final four NIA Jax Ember Moon Michelle McCool and Asuka winner Ember Moon Toni Storm Riot Sqaud Becky Lynch
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