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  1. Ok cool I see it's still 100 slots and 20 per day! Thanks for the swift reply and the CAWs!!
  2. Am I to understand u've run out of slots and already on a rotation reuploading stuff and/or that u've found better on CC so u took urs down ? (Just wanna make sure while im looking through this not to salivate too much )
  3. CAW's are looking amazing this year Good to see u guys are already at task !!! Your post is the first i opened lets see what else awaits in this forum
  4. I just played a game with this Kenny... this his Keiji Mutoh (old) and Matt Jackson (with Defract's Nick Jackson) are my favorite caws this year. there may be better but i mean fun to play ;d ZSJ is fun too and marty (defracts ) Good stuff, I needed a game till Fire Pro releases and this game reignited my interest
  5. Holy crap Raiee's Zack Sabre with the Bushy hair ( instead of buzzcut) looks incredible.... And now i turn on the PS4 and I see his Kenny Omega. Literal perfection. Absolutely wow . Holy shit !!! No comments/edits nothing else just praise !
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/games/564230/announcements/detail/1343611136312117036 Edit Wrestler info !!
  7. Okay , Since this is the only forum where I post and I assume it gets more views than just general chat... This is to ask if the forum will accommodate ( a sub board for Fire Pro Creations) and if people will move over ( I sure as hell will;p) It looks absolutely amazing to me. Move if not allowed.
  8. Thank you so much for the reupps!!!! Had to delete Goto ( got rid of my NJPW save ages ago ) and I wanted him back for about a month now !!! Changed the body type to last option on 2nd row / changed the head size to 96/63/43 and gave him the ab modification to the left of the one you had . I like my caws with a lil bigger heads ;d Thanks so much again !
  9. http://imgur.com/a/OpGGx Finalized him. Played a game...Kinda love how good he turned out
  10. HOLY SHIT RAIEE.... That Will Osprey.... Unbelievable dude... didn't think anyone could get his likeness that good... (Changed shoulders to 1 / made skin a bit lighter )
  11. Isn't he full time with NJPW ??? Gonna have to delete someone Beasting it !
  12. I think its probably the hairline that needs fixing... More tilted (upwards fringe) but I haven't had the time to work on him fully. Also could do with a bit of resizing and adjusting. The parts are there tho I think...by luck, the 2 are in a feud (Marufuji/tanahashi) on my universe mode and they look different / unique to one another side to side . (I was trying to find an alt. hairstyle for defract's kenny and saw this hair. )
  13. Hey....Long time no bump. Updated the Hiroshi Tanashi I combined ( Cleana's naomichi marufuji with Defract's attires and morphing) with Ace hair !!! Removed the 2 designs that seem out of place for new hairstyle / Enlarged the hairline design to fit the new hair line ! http://imgur.com/a/bYQzu I like it even more !
  14. The hair color of your CAW is both the hair color (blonde part ) and brown part of this dye (amazingly) are you a wizard? http://imgur.com/a/OUlrp http://imgur.com/a/XBQD0 it doesn't look right when he looks straight ahead...almost looks like a mullet...You probably can come up with something better but I think its the way the hair is designed (Could also be the *curls* design that you have on him for a hairline? Not a clue ) Since you read last post before i edited, Ill mention again how high quality these *censored*ing logos are ...truly the best ive seen to date.... and also small edits ;d Made the Head Size MUCH bigger ( 90 -80 kept ratio between 2 values/ depth unchanged) Changed Chin to 20 on Forward/Back and 10 Vertical Placement. Not sure if it looks better or not. I also PM'd you for undisclosed reasons PS. This Kenny has made me say holy shit at how good he looks so many times...ill actually let him keep BOTH his attires unheard of for a CAW of mine
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