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  1. I loved the opener. I thought it was a great match. Jungle Boy is getting really good.
  2. Calling it right now. Archer is picking Team Taz as his partners. Mox is picking Darby and Will Hobbs.
  3. Am I the only one who's noticed that Schiavone has some piped in lines every now and then? He has some random lines that just sounds different than everything else.
  4. What would you guys say are the top 5 matches of AEW so far?
  5. I'm definitely not the person to say that everyone leaving WWE should go to AEW, but Harper would thrive there.
  6. I have a hard time deciding who is the best in AEW right now, but Moxley might be the answer.
  7. Holy crap that skull bash against the car was gnarly.
  8. I know SCU is clearly being set to win the belts, but I really hope The Lucha Bros win. They are clearly the best team imo.
  9. They are definitely set up to win it, but I really hope the Lucha Bros take it.
  10. We still have Pac and Moxley lol. What a show.
  11. It's crazy how invested I feel in this show already. I love this so much.
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