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  1. You can upload him. I'd like to see how he compares to the original.
  2. FYI, guys...I'm still around. Just lurking. Had an HDD crash a month or so ago and lost all of my data, so the version of Scott I uploaded and my new character Arthur Kagan are all I have available. Hadn't done movesets for everyone else, but still it's 9 CAWs lost to the ether. I'll make them all again in time. On topic: I like your adaptation. My face texture is old, and I'm too lazy to make a new one. Yours looks good. Adds some age to Scott, as he's obviously aged a bit since I originally made him. Good stuff.
  3. Great match, Oz! They look better in motion then they do in your images. I'm really liking your arena also. Clean and realistic looking, not like some of the logo saturated arenas you typically see.
  4. This is what I've been wanting to see. I just uploaded an updated version of O'Dell, if you wanna maybe use him for a match or two. ;-)
  5. We're going to call this one the "Abs Update", LOL! Another batch of fine creations, old friend. Downloads inbound.
  6. I know you haven't deviated from your core designs the last few years, but that still doesn't change the fact that your creations are tier 1
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