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  1. This show was supposed to be in Boston and i was gonna go too
  3. I could see it. The Tollman comes to collect Garganos time from NXT even though he thinks since he beat Ciampa hes staying. Kross/Gargano actually sounds like a dope match.
  4. Oh my GOD THAT WAS AMAZING. *censored*ing died at the “this is such good shit” line
  5. No no my friend. Not brainwashed. Im not Charlottes biggest fan by any means. But they made the right choice. It freshen things up for sure. I for sure dont want to see Charlotte lose and do the same old. Rhea wont be another gal on the roster. Its classic booking of the babyface being better when theyre chasing the title. It works for Rhea, just look at when she was gunning for Shayna. Rhea’s push isnt over by any means. She’ll work her way back into the title scene after Charlotte faces the winner of the #1 contenders match (which will be great). Let the story ride, its not over yet.
  6. Its clear they did it to freshen up NXT and Charlotte. If she lost she would remain on Raw and challenge Becky again which everyone would cry about. Charlotte going to NXT now gives her a whole new wealth of opponents and she may not tip the needle for ratings but itll boost the credibility of the show having her back. Not sure how Charlotte winning “defies common sense and logic”. Common sense and logic has Charlotte with more years of experience in the ring and at the grandest stage of them all as opposed to Rhea who got cocky and thought she could handle it. She couldnt. Character development.
  7. You know, itd be cool if they could figure out how to hologram a crowd in for the broadcast and pipe in crowd noises. That’d make tonight way better
  8. That was a heavy episode to watch. Brought me back to that era where my two favorite wrestlers were now gone. Its almost surreal to watch this now as an adult and think of everything in a different light. However I will always respect Benoits body of work and what he influenced inside the ring. Truly a generational talent.
  9. They’re really taping this shit on Wednesday and Thursday LOL *Censored* this company for just not postponing it. First time ever im going to skip a wrestlemania
  10. Apparently Brock isnt allowed to leave Canada due to the coronavirus? Lmao imagine if they have to cancel the WWE title match
  11. Theres nothing Vince can do if the city of Tampa, or any other city for that matter puts Mania to a halt because of safety concerns.
  12. This shit is *censored*ing wild. Mania is gonna end up getting cancelled over this. Watch.
  13. Dakota is so *censored*ing hot
  14. Montez Ford is gonna be a *censored*ing star In singles one day when they inevitably break up the Street Profits.
  15. This new layout for the website is *censored*ing sick. Whats also sick is what Shayna did to Liv. Jesus christ
  16. Samoa Joe got injured while filming a commercial after hitting his head on a table that didnt break and could miss a good amount of time. *Censored*.
  17. Reading the comments it looks like Ciampa and the Broserweights are holding UEs titles and Gargano grabbed a fans custom belt to fit in lmao
  18. So, people who downloaded the patch and are playing, whats the verdict? Did this patch improve the games quality of life or?
  19. I am extremely disappointed that second arena looks like *censored*ing shit. Wtf happened
  20. Nope Listen pal, I was half right okay lol
  21. Wow thats a hell of a patch note list. It seems they addressed a lot of peoples on going and main concerns. Keeping my eye on this thread cause if the patch fixes the game big time and everyones feedback is positive i just may finally buy this game.
  22. After seeing that Kross has signed, im gonna go back to my original guess from last week and say that the 2.5.20 vignettes were for him. Itll probably be Velveteen but I think maybe it was a red herring vignette and well actually get Kross tonight.
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