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  1. Just saw that for the Past vs Present show, Generation Next of Alex Shelley and Matt Sydal will face Marty and Flip
  2. TIL that Batista and Kane faced off in OVW 19 years ago and Stone Cold hit the Stunner on Batista afterwards.
  3. KENTA holding the IWGP Title just looks so right. What a visual. Amazing how hes seemingly now pegged to be in New Japans top feud going forward yet WWE wasted him in NXT and 205 Live.
  4. I tried sliding into alicia atouts dms and she left me on read
  5. You think so? I feel like they would be pushed to a pretty prominent light and and tear the house down with most of their teams.
  6. I really can not wait to see Revival in AEW. They deserve so much better than what Raw and Smackdown has done to them.
  7. Time for Brodie Lee to show the world what he can do. Hes one of the few people released id like to see in either AEW or New Japan.
  8. Im on mobile so i cant be arsed to do it but i just saw Balor posted on his instagram and he cut all his hair off. Gearing up for that heel turn, brother.
  9. Was he ever officially a roster member for ECW because there's literally no record of his ECW work During the talent exchange WWF had with ECW. The same way Al Snow was a member of ECWBut then he wasn't really part of ECW then I mean I can find literally nothing on Christopher Daniels in ECW Literally from his wikipedia article:"He also made appearances for ECW, like facing Rhino on the October 2, 1999 edition of Hardcore TV #336." Didnt he go by Fallen Angel in ECW and not Christopher Daniels? Probably why you didnt see/recognize it right away.
  11. King Nova

    WWE Drama

    Seth has always had the better than you complex going on. I believe it was in his 24 special when he was coming back from injury, didnt they talk about how his attitude and thinking he was better than what they were giving him almost get him fired from NXT before they put the belt on him? His recent twitter rant and the shit he said about Moxley has made me sour on him big time, especially if he really believes the shit hes spewing.
  12. The line up for the G1 looks INSANE. In A Block alone we will get the following: KENTA vs Okada KENTA vs Tanahashi KENTA vs Ibushi KENTA vs Ospreay TAKE MY *censored*ING MONEY
  13. So weird seeing him without the facepaint lol
  14. Carmella with that filter resembles Graves. Im out
  15. That Raw/Smackdown supershow set back then was so sick i wish they used it more
  16. I mean, he did have a taste of WWE when he did the CWC, so maybe that put him off to freelancing and trying to make it with them. He probably sees the potential in New Japan and realizes he can be the next true Ace following Tanahashi one day retiring.
  17. Im totally down for them to become a stable.
  18. TIL that EC3 was on the poster for Judgement Day 2008
  19. They did do All In which was a great success across the board. All in was far from what I would call a success... really they only did 100k PPV buys, which is worse then ECWs first PPV, and ECW didnt have the internet or anything... So a completely sold out show of 10,000 fans that was self funded by these wrestlers who had zero experience putting a whole PPV together, was far from a success? Lmfao get out of here.
  20. I have a feeling theyll end up in AEW. Theyll probably get (magic) killer deals, and wont need to live in Japan months at a time which means more family time for Anderson especially.
  21. Street slang for pretty much challenging someone. Sid and Arn got into it and Sid stabbed Arn like 7 times i believe and Arn almost died.
  22. TJP tweeted out that he obtained permission from Vince before getting any and that Vince liked them too.
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