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    Mr. Anderson
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    Liverpool, England
  1. What's that supposed to mean? Do you really want someone who works in THQ coming in to the 1000 Pages Thread, trying to have a nice convo with me or you. Then, 2 minutes later: several nubs from the SvR10 boards come over and rule over it, asking is Jeff Hardy in it!? Can you leave?
  2. Couple of tips 1. Stay away from the 1000 Pages Thread 2. Get ready to get spammed by nubs who wanna know every detail on SvR10 3. Actually, just get off the site as quickly as possible.
  3. Hi. Your a lolbant member. Bye.
  4. ...Yea, sounds like from the 1800s. Go back there. So you can rate them high and others may hate them? Go for it.
  5. You won't! Cause, there's no Frogs.
  6. I am V-nom™, from Liverpool, England. I am a Liverpool supporter and Everton disliker. I own a PS3 and Nintendo Wii. I am a maniac for cars, Top Gear is my favourite show and a WWE supporter. My favourite movies is Hot Shots and I also know a lot bout wrestling.
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