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  1. Ok this episode was balls and I'm done with the show. I hope those that still enjoy watching have fun, but this show just isn't for me at all.
  2. Well 75% of this episode sucked, the rest of it was... alright. I liked Abrahams character development and nothing else. Glenn is still an insufferable character to me.
  3. Yeah honestly aside from being very, very confused I kind of liked last night episode. At least it was something different, and anytime the show introduces new characters I'm happy, because most of the current Main cast are really starting to get tedious.
  4. What in the HELL did I just watch? Oh well next week... Abraham episode = Yay Glenn is in it = Nay Christ I hate the character of Glenn. More than perhaps anyone else on the show. He offers nothing, and his character hasn't developed since at least when the Dinosaurs were walking the Earth. Edit: Also them jumping from different plot to different plot each episode is probably going to piss me off.
  5. Which was about 12 too many. I know Season 2 got hacked to bits because of budgetary reasons, but why? I thought the show was doing the top ratings along with Breaking Bad. Wouldn't AMC want to have invested a ton of money into the show?
  6. Telltales The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1
  7. Well to be fair they're kind of useless in a thread discussing an episode that has aired. Anyone who comes into a thread discussing a show and is mad they got spoiled is their own fault. Like Wrestling, once it's aired, it should be fair game to discuss without the use of spoiler tags.
  8. I've watched all 4 Seasons. No idea why I keep watching, and complaining haha, it's very counter productive but whatever. I really liked Season 1 and the ending was awesome and I thought it was going to set up a great story... I was wrong however because in my opinion Season 2,3,4 were just awful. I kept on watching with hope that it would get better, and it never did. I will say, I like Season 5 better so far than all of Season 2,3,4 put together, but I just cannot get into it because I hate all of the characters with a passion except Carol, Tyrese, and the guy who looks like Sheamus.
  9. Welp, that was incredibly boring. I just don't think this show is for me haha. I'll give it a few more episodes and decide whether or not I wish to continue following it. I really, really want to like this show, but I just can't get into it at all.
  10. For the love of everything keep the characters from the Telltales Game far, far away from the show. i don't want to see those characters get utterly butchered with horrible writing.
  11. (Game spoilers for both seasons below, you have been warned.)
  12. The pros: Better than every episode from Season 2-4 combined. The Cons: Even when they have balls to do anything, they have no balls to do anything
  13. I hate to come in here and be negative nancy, but I'm begging Season 5 not to suck. Throughout seasons 1-4 I've seen flashes of greatness, bogged down by bad, inconsistent characters and writing
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