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  1. Would love to see wwe sign Cody Hall at some point and have him feud with Orton.
  2. That had to be the most boring rumble match I think I've ever seen, not one surprise entrant and nothing exciting happend the entire match. Vince needs to just retire already let Triple H take over because once again NXT takeover is way better than the main roster ppv. AJ vs Cena was great and I even liked Roman vs Owens but man that Rumble match just sucked.
  3. Maybe. I would love to make him but only have a few uploads left and will be using them on the current guys i'm working on. Maybe sometime in the future I'll use a different account and make him.
  4. Thanks once again for all your work on these great movesets.
  5. I'll keep working on him. Probably wont post an update unless I think it looks real good.
  6. I still got a lot of work to do on him. I might start over on the face.
  7. Yeah possibly. I found some but they didn't turn out too well in game. I also tried multiple textures for his body hair but had a hard time making it look good too. They really need to add body hair into the game next year. I'm going to try and finish Thatcher, Anthony Nese and Ethan Page and release them in the next few days.
  8. Trevor Lee has been uploaded. Search tags are Trevor Lee,DiehardDetroit,GFW and EVOLVE.Make sure if you have the moves dlc to download AgeofSandow's moveset with a more accurate moveset. I wanted to do more with the attire but wasn't finding great pics of his other attire with designs on the back. Plus I'm really trying to just finish all these creations since I'm planning on taking a break from this game soon around Christmas time.
  9. Once again Ambrose doesn't come out to help Roman
  10. If the Wyatts lose another ppv match lol
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