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Status Updates posted by ENlighten+

  1. new msn. pm if you'd like to keep in touch!

  2. take several steps back

  3. lub that song. country beetch :3

  4. oh hi :3 stalking is nice lol. hope it was worth it!<3

  5. good, and newp. nah. sig is pretty straight

  6. do you have mexican friends. :X

  7. omgosh you know dirty tawlk. do you love it

  8. I'm slightly les. but you're an immense les.

  9. um mila must be removed from you about me, asap.

  10. dulce maria. how the *censored* do you know a mexican, mikey?

  11. fufu why.

    you needs a change

  12. you still have the avy i made you like three hundred years ago :3

  13. lol yeah I was actually very hesitant to watch glee at first. It seemed... way too gay. but it's amazing! lol

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