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  1. He is now, just reupped him for youCurrently live streaming a NJPW tournament full of all our CAWs https://youtu.be/RcivdbG5R9s Amazing! thank you!
  2. Amazing work here! might have to start up the NJPW universe mode again this year. Question is the Yoshi Hashi still up? Had trouble trying to find it.
  3. These are amazing. I dont know if its the screen cap stretched, but Taue looks very stretched. The others maybe need a bit more width to the head too. Again might just be the pictures. I dont know if for Kawada you can get a hair texture to look like his fringe? Cant wait for these
  4. So I was looking at the new moves video again. The forearm drop....does that mean mr.wonderful might be a dlc? Or does someone else use that move now? Also a lot of Kyle O'Riley moves in there too( got my hopes up, but I doubt it) could just be like last year when they had a lot of moves from the cwc.
  5. Sweet thanks, I'd say can just ignore this thread then
  6. Yeah, because then I can turn around and give Strowman that reverse chokeslam. I plan on doing this as well lol All of this. That's why I figured they didn't give him it as a move at all
  7. I'm hoping for a reverse chokeslam from Albert at least, the cactus elbow too would be sweet also.
  8. I keep scrolling past that and cracking up, it's genius. I miss that creepy little bastard
  9. I'm officially a fan of Braun after that podcast. I didn't hate him before but I was just kinda neutral on him. Seems like a cool dude. "I've taken a shit all over God's green earth" It was genius. Jericho needs to step back though. He just comes off as the cheesy dad trying to be funny with it. Just let machine gun, gallows and braun do it.
  10. Just try to initiate a grapple as soon as the match starts, no striking before. Once you get the hang of it, you can alter the beginning a little. It happens for me almost every time. I do wish that they had expanded on the chain wrestling instead of taking it a step back. I love it being in the game. Awesome thanks I'll try, I remember reading somewhere to that it's something to do with the opponent trying to grapple too. Every match against the computer then just strike straight away
  11. This stuff about nakamura sounds awesome.... but for the love of me I can't work out how to do the mini lock up game at the start of matches. Anyone help?
  12. Did it last year come by Royal Mail or courier? Royal Mail
  13. I got a email confirming it's been shipped, I'm sure I got a email pretty late last year and it still came on time
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