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    CM Punk/Raven
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    Biffy Clyro,Deftones,A,Alexisonfire,36Crazyfists, 311,Incubus,Glassjaw,Lostprophets,Pitchshifter,Silverchair, Rival Schools,Quicksand,At The Drive In,Reuben,Faith No More,Finch,New Found Glory,Rise Against,Snot,Taking Back Sunday,Rage Against The Machine,Smaching Pumpkins,Muse,Limp Bizkit,Foo Fighters,Motion City Soundtrack,Will Haven,Far,Veruca Salt,Chevelle,Jimmy Eat World,Refused,Paramore,Soulfly,Pearl Jam,Weezer,The Smiths,Brand New,Feeder,Coheed & Cambria,Radiohead,Stone Temple Pilots,Alice In Chains,Cave In,Allister,The Academy Is...,The Ataris,System Of A Down,The Starting Line,Million Dead,Something Corprate,Jeff Buckley,John Mayer,One Minute Silence,Straylight Run,The Movielife,A.F.I,Death From Above 1979,Hiding With Girls,Idlewild,ThisGIRL,A Willhelm Scream,The Futureheads,City & Colour,Powerman 5000,Matchbox 20,Third Eye Blind,Sublime,Jetplane Landing,Dave Matthews Band,The Movielife,Thursday and much more.
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    TNA,RoH,old ECW.
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    Family Guy,Beavis & Butthead,Daria,Dilbert,The Simpsons,Aqua Teen Hunger Force,The Venture Bros. and anything on [adult swim]

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  1. The Peoples CAW Centre? I was over there in like 02-03 or whatever it was. Thats how I knew Bhangra man, etc. Yeah that was it, I remember you from there. cause you were the only other Scottish member there.
  2. I remember the site layout like that. I came over here from I think it was the tpcc forum? It went all crazy one day, and then shut down. Who here remembers cecilains(sp?)caws?
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