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  1. ANTI-

    Today I Learned...

    Carmella is a second generation wrestler
  2. Im still proud of the team for getting this far despite the year theyve had. We have been in this position before as consumers and as WWE game fans...this is the game we have for the year. No patch is gonna make some completely different game...this is it. As more of a casual player going forward, Im excited to actually see where they want to take gameplay in the coming years. Its a weird predicament where the control scheme takes getting used to, but once youre used to it, the gameplay feels too similar and unchanged. I dont know how to articulate it better but we can all list 50 things to improve gameplay and I feel like that list has a chance of getting shorter and shorter finally, if I may offer up some positivity.
  3. I was brainstorming on it and if I were to combine the mad max theme with a woman-centric theme, what new superstar could come with that? And I got Jazzy Gabert which would be cool as hell. Not holding my breath... just trying to make sense of something we dont understand yet.
  4. No Mans Land sounds like a womens pack but so does Empire of Tomorrow because of Asuka. Gonna be real interesting to see.
  5. As theyre about 2 weeks out, Im guessing that this week is when we will start getting the influx of info. I should hope so atleast. Not hard to once again have the biggest roster yet if you just throw everyone on the disc, as people are assuming.lol. Cant wait to know what theyve been holding so close to the vest.
  6. The originals stuff is cool for original caw creators too, maybe. A couple less crazy arenas for them to have to create to bring their fantasy-based wrestling universes to life. I think itll be cool.Im not huge on the fantasy versions of wrestlers so far but Im into the arenas. The more, the better. I can see younger fans being into that stuff...or people not heavy into this community. I can see a dad picking Hogan or Austin, a kid picking Seth Rollins, and a family member who doesnt watch wrestling (but maybe plays or used to play stuff like Mortal Kombat) picking the Demon King Balor from Originals, and all 3 of them being in awe of the fiery pit arena and having a super fun time. Wait til you actually know whats in the game, please. The Originals stuff is like a whole other thing from the actual game itself. Your frustration seems more like its caused by lack of game information and we are all with you on that one but it cant be long.
  7. So sorry to hear that about your grandmother, man. One of mine had some bad health scares as well this year, but is luckily doing fine now. I even went to Puerto Rico to visit and spend time with her, recently. Hadn't gone out there since my grandfather died 15 years ago. I hope your grandmother pulls through and has minimal lasting effects from something horrible like that. I feel like I need to get a second (and probably final) sort of self-exposé writing exercise done, where I go on about good, funny, or bad things. So, to hell with it....let's do it...
  8. I was thinking CM Punk and Cardi B, if she has the kinda year she had this year. Rocky would be cool as hell, gotta admit...all the boxing moves that could come with that, too.
  9. I don't know what the opinion is on this person these days, but it seems to me like more and more people [than ever] are hopping on the Tessa Blanchard train, which I'm super happy to see. She's worked her ass off, come a long way, and is heads and shoulders above alot of her peers (to not have been in WWE) in terms of the total package....looks, speaking ability, confidence, workrate, etc. She has it, and it's just a bonus that she happens to be a Blanchard on top of everything else....she'd still stand out if she wasn't. There was a conversation some months ago about her maybe getting another shot with WWE, and I made a comment about how I loved her and was such a fan but that I had heard x, x, and x about her over the years. I love my parents but I can't say I have had any kind of strong guidance throughout my life, but there's a legendary Texas wrestler who used to sort of check me on social media every now and again, and I learn such a tremendous amount from him anytime he does, and I couldn't be more grateful to have had any and all interactions I've had with him over the years. I basically learned that if I wasn't there for said incidents, I should never take anything as fact unless I hear approximately the same story from a good amount of people...ESPECIALLY in wrestling, where, who knows what political allegiances might come into play or who has a vendetta against who and is gonna spin the story a certain way. Also, dirtsheets are only gonna tell you the bad, unless there's some incredible humanitarian act that was worth noting. So, if all you keep hearing is about someone saying or doing things to get themselves in trouble, even if it's spaced out news over a couple of years, you're gonna assume the person is just a troublemaker. They aren't gonna tell you about the hundreds to thousands of fans on social media who met Tessa and talk about how kind and what a sweetheart she was. Funny how that happens, right? I guess the moral of the story is to focus more on the FACTS and on the positive things rather than just the tea all the time. Or atleast take the tea with a grain of salt at all times, unless you were there or got enough info from a reliable source to know the full story. If people pried into your lives the way you pried into theirs, what kinda dark shit would they uncover? I hope Tessa does end up in WWE sooner than later. Lord knows she's absolutely crushing it everywhere else she goes. End of article. lol
  10. Barring anything going down with him and AEW, it surprised me that Punk said he'd atleast take the call if WWE reached out. I didn't know that I'd hear that anytime soon...certainly not while still in this decade. I don't follow the sheets to know WWE's response to him saying that....I'm just saying if I had to think of who the hottest preorder for 2K21 could be....
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