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  1. ANTI-

    Today I Learned...

    Carmella is a second generation wrestler
  2. MMA fighter Valerie Loureda
  3. I get that there was a falling out, but I don't neccessarily think it means that representatives of 2K need to rag on Yuke's and sort of blame them for everything these days. Like...I don't have to 100% know the situation to think back on all the times we got a look at them and their offices, where they had a literal bedroom full of bunk beds put in place because they would just spent countless hours at the offices and away from their families, working on giving us the game(s) we wanted. It isn't fair to take this approach as if they're just being tossed to the side like garbage, when 2K20 was the result of this 'changing of the guard'. That being said, that guy didn't seem to know or take into account that they built a second office in or near Los Angeles, and so there's gonna be atleast double the amount of people in the States working on these games, supposedly. From the outside looking in, things may look bad. As a casual fan, maybe I would keep away from 2K21 and any thoughts of preordering. But, from a marketing standpoint, selling another game won't be hard to do. Just going on everything I've mentioned in the past, a CM Punk (BITW and Knees2Faces) preorder would drive sales effortlessly, an extensive Hardys showcase would be a big seller, an ECW special edition would be a big seller, Cardi B would be a big crossover name, a Metallica-curated playlist would generate crossover interest, War Games, GM Mode, 24/7 title mode...I mean...they can easily hotshot the next game in many ways, and so I doubt they'll have as hard a time selling another game as that guy thinks. And, when in doubt, they could always run another Million Dollar Challenge and that would get the houses up again. The new offices they opened up pretty much negates the entire idea of them spending less money on this franchise going forward. Only one way to tell.......we wait and see...
  4. cawing is a no from me this year too unless I get on a legends kick again. was starting to get a half decent Hana Kimura going and overnight she got really pale. The face photo placement restrictions are killing it currently as well. Then you take it ingame and it looks like this... No thanks.
  5. Eh, poking fun at them is topical I guess, but I remember a time when we prayed for 2K or EA to get the license to these games. 2K19 showed what was capable when everything sort of starts to click, and even that had loads of room for improvement.
  6. Dream WWE game would be a fun topic of its own. Like, It would be nice to not just hear about a wishlist, but someones complete layout of what their perfect 2K21 or whatever would be. The answers could be very interesting.
  7. Im still proud of the team for getting this far despite the year theyve had. We have been in this position before as consumers and as WWE game fans...this is the game we have for the year. No patch is gonna make some completely different game...this is it. As more of a casual player going forward, Im excited to actually see where they want to take gameplay in the coming years. Its a weird predicament where the control scheme takes getting used to, but once youre used to it, the gameplay feels too similar and unchanged. I dont know how to articulate it better but we can all list 50 things to improve gameplay and I feel like that list has a chance of getting shorter and shorter finally, if I may offer up some positivity.
  8. ANTI-

    Women of WWE 2K20

    I wonder why wwe ultimately went with that Take Cover theme for Toni. I thought that Ride It To The Edge one suited her energy better. I put the tv on mute and played that theme instead for her entrance and it was perfect. Maybe they thought the intro was too close to Ambrose at the time. If only custom music..
  9. 2K19 was the best wrestling game all decade, with 2K14 close behind. Im still trying to determine where this ranks...like its not as bad as people trash it to be. Its the gameplay. Its not fun. Everything feels like a chore. I cant wait for matches to end, instead of enjoying myself. Where Im at right now. I paid enough for this so Im trying to enjoy it as much as the next man.
  10. I bought my best friend 15 and then 18. He wasnt a fan of either, really. We used to have the best time playing the games back in the SYM and HCTP days...even the early SVRs. I almost got him this game too, because I thought that the follow up to 19 and first game of a new decade had to be one of the best wrestling games of all time and he would see why I kept playing these and not much else. Wouldve been a big strike 3, as far as my trying to reintroduce him to the series goes..
  11. Not sure if it was posted yet, but here was this year's mo-cap squad, for what it's worth... always a fun list.
  12. I love that some of my favorite people are newly in this, I really do. I love the new arenas. The control scheme isnt my thing but its not the end of the world. I think this could be my last WWE game and Im not even mad about it. At 32, it was a nice run. I look forward to completing Showcase and seeing everything MyPlayer has in store. I look forward to the arenas and new moves provided by Originals DLC. I look forward to contributing ideas for another year or 2 to come. As it stands, I get tired after playing like 2 or 3 matches a day, which says something when its week 1. Lol. Its a real pretty-looking game to look at, though...just not that fun to play right now.
  13. The love affair we had with 2K19 is definitely a differently feeling from what we have this year, but it is what it is. Im curious to see what caw makers come up with, because even creating just feels weird and uninspired this year for me.
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