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    The Undertaker
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    BNL baby. And Jimmy Buffett
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    Good question.
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    Ps2, 360, Wii...
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    WWE. Duh.
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    In the fields of Canada, born and raised, Choking other men is how I spent most of my days. Headbuttin', cross-facin', as a technical king, all while shootin' some steroids outside of the ring. When I lost my iPod, I was up to no good. Skipped a match and flew back to my neighborhood. I took one too many roids, my wife gasped for breath, I said "Stop moving your little ass while I choke you to death!" I whistled for my son and when he came near, He still had "Fragile-X" and the physique of a queer. If anything I could say that this kid was rare, But I thought "Nah, forget it" and deprived him of air! I went down to the gym around 7 or 8, And I yelled to myself "Yo Chris, smell ya latah!" Hung myself to death, at a very young age, now I'm burning in hell, all because of roid-rage.
  1. Hylton

    Hogan 2k Showcase

    I never thought of that. To be fair, I skipped 2k15 so a lot of these guys are new to me.
  2. Hylton

    Hogan 2k Showcase

    Yeah but, shut up nuh-uh. NATION. OF DOMINATION.
  3. So I'm playing through the 2k Showcase mode and it's pretty cool. But then I started thinking about some of the other superstars on the roster, like Sheik, Warrior, Slaughter, ect. I wonder why some of them were there, ya know? So here's my theory: originally, there were gonna be two showcases: Austin and Hogan. The marketing would have been between the two of them and there paths. But then the whole "n-word, brother" thing happened and they had to scrap the Hogan stuff. I donno, maybe someone else thought of this. I didn't search, I'll be honest. I'm sorry.
  4. Ah. Well that clears that up then. Somewhat of a bummer but now I have a decision to make, haha.
  5. Source? Because all I can find is a list of the new gameplay features and no where is it listed that these were PS4/XBONE exclusives. Last year that was clearly stated in the advertisements.
  6. I personally like the new reversal system. I'm just hoping it's on PS3. Otherwise I gotta wait for the PC version. EDIT: I also like double posting, apparently.
  7. The writer in one of the early articles (pre roster reveal) noted that the only changes for last gen was roster, pin system, and submission system. Not sure if anythings changed since then. If they took the time to update the pin/submission systems, I'm sure the reversal system was put in as well. It wouldn't make any sense for them to change a few things and keep the others, especially since the 2k14 engine wasn't even built by them.
  8. Hylton

    DLC Discussion

    Hahaha we're getting the Natural Disasters. This is the greatest.
  9. Hylton

    DLC Discussion

    I don't really think anyone is off limits in terms of debut.
  10. Hylton

    DLC Discussion

    Gonna low ball it and say at least 10 of them are alt versions of people already in the game. So here's who I'm hoping for (realistically): Apollo Crews Arn Anderson Barry Windham Big Bossman Big John Studd Billy Kidman Bob Backlund Bubba Ray Dudley Crash Holly Dean Malenko Demolition Ax Demolition Smash Devon Dudley Doink the Clown Dusty Rhodes Earthquake Eddie Guerrero George Steele Goldberg Jerry Lawler Jim Duggan Junkyard Dog Jushin Liger Kamala King Kong Bundy Lance Storm Larry Zbysko Mr. Perfect Raven Rhyno Road Dogg Road Warrior Animal Road Warrior Hawk Rob Van Dam Roddy Piper Sabu Samoa Joe Sandman Saturn Scott Hall Scott Steiner Steve Blackman Sycho Sid Tatanka Tazz Ted DiBiase Terry Funk Tommy Dreamer Tully Blanchard Typhoon Ultimo Dragon Yokozuna I eel like any of them could be DLC. Plus a few more NXT guys and gals. I'm not too big on the NXT yet though, so I donno much about it.
  11. Okay, but what about the fighting mechanics? AI? Any of that? I'm fine with last gen graphics and I don't need a single player mode, but I'm debating on getting this at launch on ps3 or waiting for the PC version.
  12. Does anyone know what's actually NOT in last gen? I haven't read anything really.
  13. Hylton

    Dean Malenko

    Your inclusion of Mongo makes me sad and also angry. Brian Pillman is right there. RIGHT THERE.
  14. Careful with ol' Bam Bam. I remember one year he won the Rumble, went to 'Mania, won the ECW Title and decided it belonged to him forever. I almost resorted to making a Major Payne CAW to take him out.
  15. Hylton

    Dean Malenko

    I agree. I've been making Malenko for years now because he's one of my favorite technical wrestlers. Even before the murdering, I always liked him over even benoit. (That being said, I was always a Christian fan over Edge too, so we know how my tastes go). A lot of the mid-carders I like never really make the cut. Steve Blackman, Dean Malenko, Ultimo Dragon, Saturn, Tajiri, ect. Thing is, a lot of those guys are easy to make. Give Blackman the Brogue Kick and call it a day (also, a pimp suit as his 4th attire). But with Malenko, it's just really hard to recreate the rolling half crab.
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