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    Main Eventer
  • Birthday 02/19/1987

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    The Undertaker
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    BNL baby. And Jimmy Buffett
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    Good question.
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    WWE. Duh.
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    I'm white
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    In the fields of Canada, born and raised, Choking other men is how I spent most of my days. Headbuttin', cross-facin', as a technical king, all while shootin' some steroids outside of the ring. When I lost my iPod, I was up to no good. Skipped a match and flew back to my neighborhood. I took one too many roids, my wife gasped for breath, I said "Stop moving your little ass while I choke you to death!" I whistled for my son and when he came near, He still had "Fragile-X" and the physique of a queer. If anything I could say that this kid was rare, But I thought "Nah, forget it" and deprived him of air! I went down to the gym around 7 or 8, And I yelled to myself "Yo Chris, smell ya latah!" Hung myself to death, at a very young age, now I'm burning in hell, all because of roid-rage.
  1. It makes me think that it's going to be an expansion pack, which would be much better then a standalone game that would just compete with the SvR series.
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