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  1. Are you planning on doing Juice after his incredible New Japan Cup showing?
  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He's back! I've checked this thread so many damn times in the new year! Thanks Anti. My hopes for a top notch Mayu are still alive! Storm looks amazing, just like the rest of your work. Your work seriously blows me away. The time, care, detail, and just overall love put into them is incredible. I appreciate your work!
  3. Here, not sure if I should continue on this. Some people say the face doesn't look like Cody at all. 100% looks like a very close to perfect Cody Rhodes. I was a little unsure with the pose you had in the OP, but this is so much better. Angles are everything in this game and clearly this is incredible just like your other work.
  4. natey2k4

    I'm out

    I don't mean to be rude, but you need to stop worrying about what people think online if they're not giving you critiques with feedback and improvements.
  5. Can't wait for Kris Wolf and Mayu Iwatani. The quality of your CAWs are better than on disc wrestlers.
  6. Just a heads up.. Its Hennig. No "n" .. Looks great though!
  7. Glad to hear! Mayu is my favourite wrestler on the planet right now. Big fan of Toni, Io, and Kris Wolf as well!
  8. This actually kind of sucks. I had some other CAWs downloaded that were solid attempts but I can longer use them because they look so bad next to this Punk. Like legit they look 100% Like CAWs next to Punk.
  9. I haven't noticed it in 6 man matches but definitely in 8-man. I think 8-man matches were pretty guaranteed to have slowdown. Removing the HUD helps a bit.
  10. natey2k4

    Women of WWE2K18

    Please give me the Iconic Duo
  11. Benoit doesnt count as he was in the series I think 2006 game. I dont think they said 2K series but the main series of games. Between 170 - 200 I think but I know for sure it's best 200Cheers brother, looks like some real fun to be had. Hopefully all uniques, cause no custom music tend to leave me stuck when making caws. No custom music again is probably why Im going to ditch the PS4 version this year until they get it sorted out. Nothing really to get sorted out. It's Sony that's preventing it....not 2k. Funny considering multiple other games have custom music...
  12. natey2k4


    You're seriously unreal. I'm just saving all my slots for you.
  13. The button mashing system is hot garbage. It's literally impossible to get out of a finisher after a 3+ star match, regardless if your legs have no damage or not. In a 4 1/2+ star match? Good luck getting out of a basic submission. Against a human opponent, the button mashing system is fairly good - but against the CPU it's stupid. Like really really really really bad. PS. Before anyone says "GIT GUD" or something stupid - post a video of yourself escaping a Figure Four after a 4-star match against a CPU. Please do.
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