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  1. My member number makes me a classic. We moved like 5-6 boards before settling on this one back in the day. Go through my name history to see if you remember any of them. I changed my username too often lol Forgot how I lost my VIP status EDIT: Proboards profile: http://tomrice.proboards.com/user/2138 Any one remembers that PERMISSION DENIED guy Tom Rice brought in? Everyone hated him. Mod just removed his name, I guess we can't talk about him SO NVM Any of these still around: Dom-ination Conor London* Sparx Hitman100 The Hitman Dolfan Lunchbox (Still around) Wolfgang JT (still around) ThreeG (Still around) MCR Buzzsaw Jacknife RVF Stylesclash Booky401 Bunky?
  2. Damn you guys are still around after 10-12 years. This is insane. Wolfgang still at top of his game!
  3. Oh man sad, it's been years and years. I remember this guy from back then. It sucks that he's gone. I wonder whose still around from proboard days.
  4. I can go pick up the PS3 bones now J/K DAN I was referring to how the Wii has sold more than the PS3.
  5. 100,000 PS3 fanboys are going to cry PS3 has officially FAiLED! If you watched E3. Even the Wii beats the PS3. What an Epic Failure
  6. thanks i took care of the member and deleted the topic
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