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  1. Loved every second of Cole's outburst. The dude had every right to lose his cool.
  2. Very much aware of that, but given the lack of sports happening around the world, and no correct thread for me to post in, I figured I'd ask people in here, given its probably the most active thread in SportsChat.
  3. Loving the look of the PS5, but damn it's going to be huge. Not sure whether to buy day one, or continue with my PS4Pro until a PS5 Slim is released.
  4. That's soccer If you've ever got time, YouTube 'Australia Rules Football highlights'. I guarantee you'll be confused, but it's a great game.
  5. Anyone from the US or UK tuning into the AFL? (Australian Football League). After a 10 week break due to the virus, our great game finally returned this past week. Just wondering if anyone has seen it... and thoughts?
  6. Besides Bryan winning, that was a lame ending.
  7. Did Cole just say AJ was trade to Smackdown? I thought it was just part of the brand to brand invitational. Wonder who goes to RAW then?
  8. Goldberg/Reigns will be a 4 minute spear competiton. Goldberg can't go anymore! The bloke was gassed out after 3 spears at SSD. The fact WWE continue to rely on past superstars erks me, but just shows they can no longer make stars like Rock/Austin/Cena and have faith in them to carry the company.
  9. Just like that, Goldberg gets a title shot at WWE: Blood Money.
  10. Too much partying with his new daddy, Ric. Paul Heyman would be the reason he kept the title. He's high on Andrade and wants him to be a big part of RAW.
  11. D-Bry was great, but it was corny and oversold. I wasnt a fan of the pre-announcement befote he actually wrestled. Could've been one hell of a surprise.
  12. вrаndоn.

    WWE Drama

    Jeff Hardy scheduled to appear in court the day after Mania. No return in sight as WWE want him to address his personal issues before bringing him back. Contract frozen - Good move by WWE in my opinion.
  13. Is there something else going on that we haven't been told? Final Fantasy, Avengers and now CyberPunk all delayed in the same week. Something is up.
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