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  1. Just hoping that means they've put in enough sh*t to keep it quiet and prevent it from overheating haha.
  2. I'm all for the free upgrades, but in saying that. I've preordered the disc version of the PS5. It might sound weird to some, but I dont want PS4 game cases when I'll have a PS5, regardless of the free upgrades.
  3. Too be fair, that guy looks tiny.. His size probably makes it look bigger than it is. Haha.
  4. So, I'm not one to keep my old consoles. I currently have the following; PS4 Pro (Still play pretty often) Nintendo Switch Lite (Havent touched in months) PlayStation VR (havent touched in months) 3 PS4 games, 3 Switch games & PlayStation Move controllers. My local EB games offered me $715 trade in value, and another 20% for a Level 4 member. Which brings the total to roughly $845. Im tempted to trade it all in as its eaiser than selling it privately. My PS5 preorder will be paid off in full and can buy a game or 2 without having to spend a cent of my actual money. Thoughts? Should I? Thanks guys!
  5. Surely since its only been preordered, Target will send out an email or something confirming that it was a glitch and people will still be required to pay the correct amount, haha. If not, then whoever got on it.. lucky bastards!
  6. So, basically a rematch from last week but now NO DQ. Roman will be sitting on his couch during the entire thing until the others come backstage, one spear. Match over. Then maybe he takes out cousin Uce.
  7. So... Australia completely sold out of Pre Launch orders, Post Launch orders (late 2020) & early 2021 orders... all within minutes of those preorders going live Luckily enough, I snagged one up during the Pre Launch orders!! $200 minimum deposit but I'll have to say, it's the best $749 I'll have spent in a long time! (Yes, it costs $749 in Australia)
  8. вrаndоn.

    WWE Drama

    I think the reactions are busy he pleaded not guilty. The guy has no ground to stand on and no reason to be pleading not guilty, given all the evidence and his confession to the police.
  9. There's the normal way to sell.. then there's the Shawn Michael's way to sell.
  10. I'm sorry but what the *Censored* was Shawn doing last night? He basically no-sold the RKO & Punt. Dude was getting back to his feet before the show went off the air. Even Drew stayed down longer from just 1 RKO. To me, that was poor work by Shawn and it made Orton look weak. Probably over thinking it, but man I didnt enjoy the finish to that segment.
  11. Loved every second of Cole's outburst. The dude had every right to lose his cool.
  12. Very much aware of that, but given the lack of sports happening around the world, and no correct thread for me to post in, I figured I'd ask people in here, given its probably the most active thread in SportsChat.
  13. Loving the look of the PS5, but damn it's going to be huge. Not sure whether to buy day one, or continue with my PS4Pro until a PS5 Slim is released.
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