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  1. Did Cole just say AJ was trade to Smackdown? I thought it was just part of the brand to brand invitational. Wonder who goes to RAW then?
  2. Goldberg/Reigns will be a 4 minute spear competiton. Goldberg can't go anymore! The bloke was gassed out after 3 spears at SSD. The fact WWE continue to rely on past superstars erks me, but just shows they can no longer make stars like Rock/Austin/Cena and have faith in them to carry the company.
  3. Just like that, Goldberg gets a title shot at WWE: Blood Money.
  4. Too much partying with his new daddy, Ric. Paul Heyman would be the reason he kept the title. He's high on Andrade and wants him to be a big part of RAW.
  5. D-Bry was great, but it was corny and oversold. I wasnt a fan of the pre-announcement befote he actually wrestled. Could've been one hell of a surprise.
  6. I feel for John Morrison. Dude returned only to be thrown out in a matter of seconds. Dude didnt deserve that but it is what it is. Loved Brock's reactions to Keith Lee and Shelton Benjamin. Few laughs in that rumble. Hopefully AJ is okay and doesnt miss too much time. Reports saying he separated his shoulder trying to sell Edge's spear. Wasnt suppose yo be eliminated that early but was done as a safety measure.
  7. Has there been any reports on what's going on with Sasha? I was surprised she wasn't in the rumble match or even at ringside for Bayleys match. Also the fact she hasn't done anything on SD in a while even though announced, makes me wonder what's going on behind the scenes.
  8. Everything besides the men's rumble was forgettable. Really enjoyed the men's rumble match though. Brock can really entertain! Edge's return was great and the pop almost mirrored that Hardys WM return. Drew winning is a great sign.
  9. Maybe from on top of the stadium, its outdoors. The entrance way might be too close to the crowd. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Shame, but safety first haha.
  10. Assuming this arena wont/cant do pyro?
  11. Agreed, Sheamus should've cleaned him up in minutes..
  12. Does Gable not know how to apply an ankle lock? Clear as day just holding his ankle, not even making it look like hes trying to twist it
  13. вrаndоn.

    WWE Drama

    Jeff Hardy scheduled to appear in court the day after Mania. No return in sight as WWE want him to address his personal issues before bringing him back. Contract frozen - Good move by WWE in my opinion.
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