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  1. Tried playing this new COC mode, and omg it’s the worst. Even worse than PCC (which I never thought possible). Oh well, a weekend off for me. Patiently waiting for the new tier to come out, and saving all my LP/Tix/MITB Contracts for it.
  2. Much appreciated Triset! those do look pretty dope. That COC ones is probably my favorite, followed by the first one with skyline in it
  3. You mind posting them or a link? I would love to see them
  4. May have to keep tabs on this then lol
  5. I used to play the old Godfather games on PS2, so I’ve always kinda wanted to try this series. Is it any good? And how does it compre to godfather?
  6. Got 4WM Pros this weekend Taker - Event Ciampa - 25 tix pack John Morrison - TBG reward Otis - board pull
  7. Drew has to win this. He just has to
  8. Not gonna lie, I actually like this so far lol
  9. Scripted

    WWE Drama

    We have Garza, Andrade (who I think can/should be the top Latino star), and Carillo. Why do we need ADR again? And that’s not mentioning how he treats others (supposedly) and having him near Paige again. Hard Pass.
  10. So I guess Paige isn’t coming after all. Thought maybe she’d show up at the end or something as a “surprise”
  11. Thank god he got rid of the face paint. wish No More Words would used again, but I’ve given up hope for that one.
  12. I’ve beaten (and 100% it) on all three consoles I’ve owned it for (PS3, PS4, Xbox One)
  13. Honestly am a fan of HHH on commentary
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