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  1. Sick! Gonna download this tomorrow for my game. Keep up the excellent work man!
  2. I’m curious where this angle with Orton is headed, because I could see it going so many ways. It’s good to see him like this again, though
  3. Holy shit, they let actually had Askua retain. And by submission at that.
  4. This gives me hope for a Spyro 4 now. i still need to play the re-ignited series for Crash, though.
  5. It looks like some regular fans may be in attendance. Hopefully that’s one step closer to a real crowd again
  6. Hope Andrade enters the main event scene now that he doesn’t have the U.S championship
  7. Same. I’ve seen a lot about it being lame but I’ve personally found it enjoyable and a nice change up. reminds of back in the day when MVP & Matt Hardy were feuding over the US Championship and had challenges like basketball, football, etc.
  8. This is honestly *censored*ing amazing lmao
  9. Wish I knew what WWE sees in Otis, as I still am lost at why he won MITB
  10. Been saving all my tickets for this. Have 60k MITB contracts too. Hopefully I’ll have a solid start to this tier
  11. Really hope Drake Maverick wins. Would continue that great angle
  12. So glad there’s a “crowd” now. Silence was so off putting and made it hard to watch
  13. Tried playing this new COC mode, and omg it’s the worst. Even worse than PCC (which I never thought possible). Oh well, a weekend off for me. Patiently waiting for the new tier to come out, and saving all my LP/Tix/MITB Contracts for it.
  14. Much appreciated Triset! those do look pretty dope. That COC ones is probably my favorite, followed by the first one with skyline in it
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