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  1. Fiend vs Orton feud. I'm down, I guess
  2. Sounds like a very WWE thing, so probably
  3. So is the Hurt Business face? Or tweener? Or they just do whatever the *Censored* they want? Lol
  4. Kinda hyped to try this Halloween event on MW, but my Activision account was hacked and stolen yesterday, so now I'm trying to get that back. Anyone have experience with this issue that could maybe help/give encouragement haha
  5. Not a fan of the new Raw theme
  6. You caught that too? Lol
  7. So glad the WWE did the most logical approach to the tag team championships
  8. I swear KO has new trons like every other week lol
  9. Still interested in how this tag team situation is going to be handled. Trade titles? Unify titles? Rename/redesign titles?
  10. Happy that Big E is getting a wrll-deserved singles run, but why couldn't they just allow him to run singles (a la Kofi) as part of New Day. Gonna be so weird to not see New Day/Woods & Kofi without E
  11. So if I had/have the right list, these are the "Free Agents" 1.) Drew Gulak 2.) Humberto Carillo 3.) Lucha House Party 4.) Mickie James 5.) Murphy 6.) Shorty G 7.) Tucker
  12. Interested to see how this tag team championship situation unfolds
  13. I really hope Andrade isn't squashed by Keith Lee
  14. Awesome, thanks! I didn't have your alt. Account as a favorite yet haha Keep up the great work, love all your stuff!
  15. Are the latest Roman Reigns and Rollins attires on CC yet? Looked for them earlier and didn't see them
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