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  1. Nice definitely needs to step away. It seems every major decision ends up being worse than the previous, and he’s gonna do damage that will set them back in the long run. hell, they lost the Wednesday Night Wars, and had to move NXT. What’s gonna happen next?
  2. Bet all that money goes to Stakeholders as bonuses. Can’t cut those out...
  3. Joe got axed. This is *censored*ing bullshit. I’m so ready to give up on this company (but I won’t because I’m weak).
  4. Damn. Did not expect this, to be honest. Wonder who’s gonna hit the chopping block this year, and if they’ll try to bring them back once fans return
  5. Conundrum

    WWE Drama

    We have Garza, Andrade (who I think can/should be the top Latino star), and Carillo. Why do we need ADR again? And that’s not mentioning how he treats others (supposedly) and having him near Paige again. Hard Pass.
  6. Recently finally got around to beating God of War. Still have to Platinum/100% it though. Playing Division 2, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and Rocket League mainly until newer games come out (Avengers, CyberPunk, etc.)
  7. Saw that the UUDD Facebook page posted about rosters for Battle of the Brands 2. When are they doing the new season? And on game?
  8. Definitely wouldve killed them, regardless of implications lol
  9. Conundrum

    WWE Drama

    He cut his hair, or so it appears
  10. After all these years, finally beat TLOU this morning. Gotta play the DLC now and then its on to GOW
  11. Its possible since I havent found anything online either lol I couldve swore though haha There is an article out with the developers who claim that buying houses is coming. Not yet however. https://www.vg247.com/2019/09/27/red-dead-online-future-heists-villain-lawmen-business/ Thats probably what it was, thanks! Glad Im not crazy lol
  12. Its possible since I havent found anything online either lol I couldve swore though haha
  13. Just started playing online for this with a buddy of mine. I swear I read/saw something about buying/building houses/mansions in online, but cant seem to figure out how to start. Anyone know?
  14. Super late, but finally running through Uncharted 4. Only about three more chapters left.
  15. They removed betrayals (aside from running someone over with a car) awhile ago. Thankfully lol
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