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  1. Nice definitely needs to step away. It seems every major decision ends up being worse than the previous, and he’s gonna do damage that will set them back in the long run. hell, they lost the Wednesday Night Wars, and had to move NXT. What’s gonna happen next?
  2. Bet all that money goes to Stakeholders as bonuses. Can’t cut those out...
  3. Joe got axed. This is *censored*ing bullshit. I’m so ready to give up on this company (but I won’t because I’m weak).
  4. Damn. Did not expect this, to be honest. Wonder who’s gonna hit the chopping block this year, and if they’ll try to bring them back once fans return
  5. It said “coming soon instead of “this fall” or whatever. Maybe an earlier release date?
  6. Hell yeah! Great work as usual on the attires man! Helps keep me playing, appreciate the work!
  7. Really hope Riddle loses this. I personally don’t like him, never have, so I would hate a title run by him.
  8. So is Sheamus face now or...?
  9. Exactly! He was due (according to reports) a big push, but he hasn’t gotten much, yet Otis is still being given time. I just don’t see what they see in him
  10. Otis? Really? Can we just drop the whole thing with him and send him to Main Event or something lol
  11. Fiend vs Orton feud. I'm down, I guess
  12. Sounds like a very WWE thing, so probably
  13. So is the Hurt Business face? Or tweener? Or they just do whatever the *Censored* they want? Lol
  14. Not a fan of the new Raw theme
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