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  1. I really hope Andrade isn't squashed by Keith Lee
  2. Awesome, thanks! I didn't have your alt. Account as a favorite yet haha Keep up the great work, love all your stuff!
  3. Are the latest Roman Reigns and Rollins attires on CC yet? Looked for them earlier and didn't see them
  4. Already downloaded Rollins, awesome work! Any plans to do any Payback attires (like Bayley and Banks *hint hint* lol)
  5. I'm very intrigued by the direction Roman Reigns is headed. I would love for him to get a proper Universal Championship reign, but I also feel that the same about The Fiend
  6. R-Truth is literal gold lol One of the best parts of the show each week.
  7. Finally, a Big E run. He definitely deserves it, so hopefully it goes somewhere
  8. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think Raw has been pretty damn good the last few weeks. I loved the idea of Heyman in charge, but I feel it has gotten better since he lost his spot. We’re seeing more people be used, and more angles involving some of the lesser talents.
  9. “Great strategy dumbass” lol
  10. Oh yeah, they both have bright futures, I’m just a little more partial to Andrade lol Baszler is back!
  11. I’m just hype for when Andrade is Single’s again (technically) and gets the WWE Championship
  12. Sick! Gonna download this tomorrow for my game. Keep up the excellent work man!
  13. I’m curious where this angle with Orton is headed, because I could see it going so many ways. It’s good to see him like this again, though
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