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  1. Well hello ;D

    I had seen your post on my profile from like.. January haha

    We need to have a talk on MSN.. cos I'll be back more on caws and ICW hehe :P x

  2. mHm, You're never on whenever I do happen to log on though x] Our time difference sucks *censored*-roach

  3. D; i miss you too =[ need an msn catchup sometimeeeee :( :( :(

  4. Coco...wow, I haven't been called that in the longest time xD Dannnn, I miss you! You were my bestest E-friend <3

  5. lol had to give my coco a bday wish somehow -o-

  6. MICK!! ^_^ OMG....It's been TOOOOOO long. You're never on MSN whenever I randomly go on. I misses you!

  7. Thank You. Didn't think I would even get any Bday wishes on this thing anymore.

  8. Oh yeah, the graphics definitely are nice, no doubt about that. IDK, I'm thinking about getting a PS3 but it's not really at the top of my list for things I need/want

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