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  1. really like that lions pride logo.... used it a few years ago as an arena logo took like a week to get it perfect on the old paint tool.
  2. jag

    KS Showcase 2K16

    \hahha that has to be the ugliest colur scheme i have ever seen hahaha. Looks great other then the coloring haha but i do remeber you are color blind hahahha
  3. not a lot of wrestling names that are norse influence. As i havent play or even bought this game in forever. Me personally i have always thought the name Sven Nordin sounded like a really cool wrestling type name with scandnavian influences. but like i have said years ago you could use the Kjartan Siggursson. for a caw... that was the name i once gave you for kross back in the early days of your caw making development.
  4. Not too bad man. Thorsen he looks like a Thorsen. He is a bit grey haha but at least he is different then your other guys. Dietrich isnt too bad either even though that is a more germanic type name.
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