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  1. Thinking about doing a edited Universe mode for Youtube, what's the best way of getting the cut scenes that I want? For example the challenger attacking the champ and holding up the belt (if that's in this year)
  2. I'm bad at noticing this kinda stuff but, any hairstyles to note? (Hogan for example)
  3. This should answer the question: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z9GSLkUgbKVVFTEwdfhOAMlTffHJDwDkCp18PFQyvHY/pub
  4. Did you save the transparent file as a png?
  5. So, this is the face I'm trying to use but, any time I paste it on it never actually looks like me. Any pointers to get it to look more like my likenes? Here's the original picture: http://s132.photobucket.com/user/Hunter_Rage/media/Face_zpsf5031545.png.html?o=1 Mind the bug eyes, not sure why I did that...
  6. So, when can we start uploading these? Is there a link to the uploader or is it not ready yet?
  7. Nah the way I see it it's starting from scratch, I know all of the things that it is lacking and have been removed and still want to play this game and will no doubt have fun with it. Although some points are disappointing about it I see it as them hopefully learning form their mistakes and improving in the future.
  8. Last question about digital, if I get the deluxe, does it come with all the later DLC or am I just paying extra for Hogan and Sting?
  9. So is there much a difference between physical and digital. Like are they graphically any difference because I'm somewhat on the fence I haven't preordered as I don't see myself using Sting all that much. My plan was to go out and get tomorrow after class but, if there's no difference between the two then I'll probably get with digital so I don't have to take the bus an hour to go and get it.
  10. The ladder match not being a 1v1 match doesn't make sense. Wouldn't a 1v1 ladder match be easier to do than the MITB but, they chose the keep the MITB and take out 1v1?
  11. You have a strange obsession with TNA Kid Kash...
  12. So, I'm trying to order some stuff from New Japan's website specifically a Bullet Club shirt, however I for the life of me can't read Japanese so, out of curiosity has anyone ordered from there before without having prier knowledge of reading Japanese. Any help would be much appriated as I REALLY want to buy one of those shirts.
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