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  1. He's got a nudie jigsaw puzzle? And a chainsaw?
  2. So, I've been sitting around, waiting for the price to drop, and hoping that 2k15 would be better than this. Surprisingly, as someone who likes to make his own CAWs, yeah, not going to be snagging 2k15 any time soon. That, and the roster and move options peak my interest. However, I am curious as to what glitches I should be expecting. Just to clarify, I don't use the story designer, and rarely use the community creations but I did hear some major glitches from the DLC moves, something about them resetting or corrupting your data. What's up with that?
  3. As a last gen, or current gen, owner, I'm not sure which is technically which, I saw this coming. Personally, I'm going to pass on this one and snag 2k14, while waiting for 2k16 to come out. I don't blame 2K on this one, as I realize that they're basically re-starting the series from the basics, and I figure by the time 2k16 comes out, I might have enough to snag a next-gen console. That, or it'll be on the 360. Either way, yep, no skin off of my teeth, as the saying goes.
  4. I plan on staying on the 360 for as long as possible, until the price drops even more. Sorry, but I don't have the 3 - 4 hundred dollars to spend on a system, yet.
  5. I have a feeling Justin Gabreil would know he was released before 2K lol. Any talent cut right now I am sure will still be in the game. Too late to cut people. I have a feeling Punk, Clay, Aksana, Mahal, and McIntyre will all be in also. If it is like the last game on ps2 vs the ps3 version that year it is graphics, sound, some game modes and features only on the next gen version, and many of the bugs from the previous year were still in the ps2 game which means they did nothing but copy and paste the previous years game. The ps3 version this year will probably be a cut and paste as well. They say character models will look better, but they also wouldn't come out and say "yeah the current gen is going to be the same crap as 2k14" so they have to make it sound like they at least care about the current gen people. Hmm, now I'm curious, what game modes and features could they honestly keep from the current gens? It's not like when they had the PS2 around and it didn't have weapons tech or DLC, those things are already currently in the last few games, so it's fairly safe to assume that they'll be in this game. Aside from graphics, sound and a bunch of other visual quirks, I can't really see them doing a whole lot.
  6. I've said it before, I'll say it again, graphics mean jack. When we see some actual gameplay, then the silence will finally be broken.
  7. This sounds like a 70's exploitation horror soundtrack. It's creepy, and I like it!
  8. I honestly don't have my hopes up at all. Until the price drops even further for either next gen console, I'm sticking to my 360. If the games suck, I just won't buy them.
  9. I'd like for the Royal Rumbles, if they stick to the same limitation of 6 guys as they have in past games, to compensate by allowing us to have a rumble similar to those that were found in the No Mercy days.
  10. Snape killed Dumbledore, Sasuke and Naruto beat the crap out of each other again, and Dixie Carter is searching for The Elements of Harmony with Spud...or something like that. Bring alcohol. You'll need it in order to stand some of the storylines.
  11. The fact that I remember what TNA was like before this time, and to see how far they've sunk.
  12. If they do it, so long as those two guys aren't Cena and Orton, I'm good.
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