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  1. My issue to Mauro is his constant pop culture references feel so forced and unnatural that they can completely take me out of the moment, and like I said, they're constant. Like an example a couple pages back, he dropped a lyric from a Drake song, why? How can that be said and be fitting with what's happening? And there's so many more examples. It's a shame cos he is one of the best commentators right now other than this, but it's so bad that it does sometimes ruin him as a whole for me. Most other WWE commentators aren't that good, but that's what I expect, whereas Mauro brings down his otherwise very good commentary with all these references (him yelling 'MAMMA F'N MIA' at the last takeover was so *censored*ing cringey as well). It's like the other commentators are a McDonalds veggie burger - it's not great, but you know what to expect, sometimes you even enjoy it. Whereas Mauro is a delicious gourmet veggie burger, you're enjoying it but then suddenly you take a bit and find a piece of meat! The burger may be better than the others you've had, but you can't look past that bite of meat.
  2. that kid is white as shit are we sure jojo is the real mother?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fVJt9moWic
  4. Didn't realise how much I wanted Mankind vs Samoa Joe until now.
  5. May have to turn down a job I was recently offered and move back to the UK to seek counselling and get medication for my mental health problems which have taken a turn for the worse recently. Guess this could be a good thing but doesn't really feel like it when you feel terrible. Health comes first but just feel like it's a major decision to make with not much time to make it.
  6. Awesome. Congrats man. Also, Jeremy Kyle is now off the air. Cheers bruh
  7. Also had a job interview and got offered it on the spot!
  8. Riddle Black/Ricochet Walter Baszler Cole (Cole, Gargano, Cole)
  9. Let's not forget the time Sid put a squirrel down his pants and it bit little Sid.
  10. Kindergarten Cop and Jingle All The Way are *censored*ing classics
  11. Ric Flair won 16 world titles but he also lost 16 world titles
  12. I never deliberately talk shit on posts cos of the member, only the posts. I can only speak for myself but it's not you it's the bollocks you talk (which I guess is you tbf)
  13. I've probably been in more relationships than youHahahaha imagine thinking of this response, typing it and clicking post without ever considering it's a bad idea
  14. I bet you think the friendzone is a real thing as well. MOB, I'd imagine that if this woman and her ex were together for years and he knows all about her sexual assault trauma and probably so much more, then they probably have a very deep bond by now, romantic or otherwise. There probably are residual feelings between them, but it's not my place to say. Whether you trust nothing will happen between them is up to you. My best advice would be to just be there for her, be a positive person in her life. You'll just have to see if things develop between the two of you. You may even change your mind on that. And even if you're there for her and she gets back with her ex, or anyone else, try not to feel too down about it. Try think of it as you've helped a friend recover to a point where she's happy enough with herself, rather than 'ah man I put in all this work for nothing'. Don't think of it as putting in work for a potential future relationship, think of it as helping someone you care about that's in need. Muur's point about 'you support her and then she dates someone else' is damaging and pretty sexist. It's basically saying that being nice and supportive to a woman means she has to date you, which is controlling and doesn't consider her interests and desires at all. If you're only being nice to a woman so you can *Censored* her, then you're a scumbag.
  15. Japan is *censored*ing awesome man, where abouts you going?
  16. Is there no other hairdressers within a *censored*ing 14 hour radius?
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