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    underground rap/ non mainstream
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    I just like all good wrestling
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  1. i did do the blonde streak on him just a little faded like it looks now
  2. so for the last few WWE2k's i been looking for a good jeff cobb and still no luck so i decided to take a crack at it i will be the 1st to admit face making is not my strong point even with face capture options so i went old school with this one i did the face all in game due to a lack of good pics so before i go and upload this i wanted to share it here 1st get some feedback, suggestions, or criticism in hopes to improve on it im willing to pass it on if someone wants to take it and run with it so let me know what u guys think Jeff Cobb his second attire The Monster Matanza Cueto ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So its been more than a week since i asked for suggestion and due to the overwhelming response i decided to make a few minor tweaks and upload my jeff cobb heres the updated version also i decided to upload it as 3 slots all under tag: 2nd2none 1st being a jeff cobb/ Matanza slot 2nd being a straight jeff cobb w/ 2 attires 1st one being the same and an alternate 3rd is just Matanza Next up is a Willie Mack i also made also uploaded tag: 2nd2none Volador Jr. (uploaded) tag: 2nd2none let me know what ya'll think
  3. yeah i got his roh/dg look aswell as his earlier AAA look
  4. Here are various lucha legends i've made so far Bobby Lee El Halcon Mano Negra Angel Blanco Super Astro Fuerza Guerrera Espectro Huracan Ramirez El Solitario Fishman
  5. I Made movesets for both guys i'm gonna have to see what happen with that Jack recently cut his hair and the "less" baggy shorts are his sky blondes outfit from Heroes Immortales but i'll look into that idea of borrowing the face if its cool with them this is what i was aiming at
  6. here is something i been working on sorry for the quality on the pics i dont think they do my caws justice not to say they are perfect but still. i gotta showcase some how i'm not exactly mr. popularity on here but anyways here are my sky blondes from triple A Jack Evans Angelico both have 4 attires please let me know what u guys think Search tag: 2nd2none
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