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    Triple H
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    Oasis,Chilli Peppers, And ..........
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    WWE Raw Gimmick Creator
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    WWE Raw
  1. Not a crush just women who are hot Candice Michelle & Melina
  2. I never really watch ECW, I just see the clips on WWE.COM i only watch Raw and Smackdown
  3. Thier are several rumours about what this means EG a modern attitude era, Band combined But What do you think will happen Please Be Serious
  4. No because the 'Intercontinental' is just like the US and the cruiserweight is beeing getten rid of anyhow, And the wrestlers we wouldnt see in the ring well thats because they not as good
  5. If they merged them Undisputed Championship WWW Tag Team Championship Intercontinental Championship Hardcore Championship
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