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  1. just like the good ole days. see how i see it is that they have seperate writers for each show. they then have the occasional huge title match. back when it was one roster every title match was huge. i think if they make it one show and 1 title again then ppvs will be worth watching again. title matchs arnt what they used to be. that and it would kinda help the tag team divsion too
  2. you wouldnt watch it 3 times a week. no more 3 seperate things. it would go back to just having raw mondays and smackdown fridays(back then thursdays) with the same roster on all.
  3. no like in the show. its on wrestlezone.com which has always been correct for me. they are tossing around the idea about makeing it just one brand again like in the pre wwe days
  4. There are rumors of talk about joining all the brands to make one again. just like the good ole days. what do you guys think? i like it for one because then no limits on great fueds
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