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  1. I honestly quite enjoy the product GFW is finally putting together, LAX seem like a massive deal. Plus the general pushes of Low Ki and Matt Sydal have honestly, pushed the X-Division to a higher light, coupled with the X cup. I'd honestly say this is the best the X-Division has looked in around 5 years.
  2. Just polished off Bojack Horseman and I have to say, it's easily in my top 5 shows of all time. Honestly, if you have any doubts because of it being a cartoon, put them to rest. It's such a depressive look into the pursuit of happiness. Also, being from a sound design background I have to say, S3E4 is quite possible one of the most amazingly constructed scores i've ever seen.
  3. I was a fan of Kenny Omega before this match, after this though I'd honestly struggle to pick a better wrestler on the planet right now, he's just insane. Also Okada is just utterly incredible in big matches. Hope they have a few more matches between them.
  4. Not been a huge TNA fan over the last few years but this PPV was honestly pretty good, including the build towards it also. Like there were no over the top shenanigans and some actual decent to very good matches. If TNA actually went back to smashing out monthly or even quarterly PPV's, I'd probably tune in. Fully expect EC3 to be next in line to challenge for the title which I'm entirely fine with, my only concern is that they might hot shot the title to Matt Hardy because of the blooming internet hype.
  5. Looks like a shirt you'd buy for 8 quid from some dodgy market.
  6. A damn good show. EC3 has been on the best heels in wrestling for a solid 2 years and 100% deserves this, kudos to TNA for once.
  7. "oh no, we lost a title we just made for the sake of it! What will happen to the future of the king of the mountain title!?"
  8. I meant in terms of a merger. I feel as if something significant needs to happening. I honestly can't imagine this being some form of tour where JJ is just coming to promote GFW and leave.
  9. It is a solid show, that whole 5 minutes was just so awkward though. I really hope Jeff ends up getting the majority of the company still though.
  10. Matt Morgan should of been a multiple time world champion in TNA, one of the best big men.
  11. Good opener. I really have no clue as to what is happening in TNA and I watch it most weeks.
  12. I miss Samuel Shaw more and more every day.
  13. I was refering to the whole "we're pro wrestlers not superstars" shtick
  14. I think Eli could become the next EC3/Bram, in the sense that he was under utilized in WWE but seems great in TNA. I enjoy The Rising because it's something Drew can pull off however I don't want it to become just a straight up dig at the WWE. It seems dangerously on the line of Matt Striker's Lucha Underground commentary.
  15. It's a weak way of doing it but if this results in James Storm ditching the revolution angle and going back to being 2011 James Storm i'm all for it. Dude always seems to do a lot better as a face which is rare in wrestling.
  16. It's weird how I feel about TNA lately, the whole stigma of "signing WWE rejects" is extremely difficult to agree with when you see what they've done with Drew, Bram, EC3 and Taryn. Bare in my they are some of the more recent-ish signings. I mean, I'm fuming that they're drove the likes of Joe, Styles and Daniels away but I feel as if they've got a solid ground of performers to actually progress to the point where they were a while a go. Also, I will never understand what WWE did with Drew. That's a Hassan level mess up.
  17. It's just strange how much it's died down, I remember even this last time last year there use to be a good 3 or 4 pages of people talking the show live.
  18. The fact that Impact last week had no replies this topic is a tell tale sign. I've just rewatched Storm/Roode from BFG and it's made me realise how much I miss them two when they had a decent gimmicks. Roode is 100% naturally a heel and also Storm is a rare type who is 100% a face.
  19. TNA need to take Bram and run with him, I can see him being a mainstay in the main event at some point(sooner rather than later).
  20. Watching random youtube videos from like 2010 or so, I proper miss D'Angelo Dinero
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