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  1. Multi man ladder match and a battle royal? Bit heavy that. Triple threat is fine. Fatal four way should be the limit tbh
  2. I'm disappointed that we will probably never see Bryan Vs Lesnar now. Both incredibly physical wrestlers but in completley different ways, would have loved to have seen it. Not a huge fan of Reigns either tbh. Not much about Wrestlemania excites me right now. I honestly thought after last year that Bryan, Cesaro, Ambrose and Rollins would be in the big featured matches. Happy that Bray Wyatt's in a big match though, really pleased for him.
  3. Voted 29 just because of the punk/taker angle. Still awesome.
  4. Probably too late to do this now but I would have had Reigns turn heel and join the authority when he came back. His logic being that he wasn't getting the job done alone. The authority would then use him and Rollins like Punk used he Shield in late 2012 early 2013. But then they'd be tension between Rollins and Reigns over which one of them was the big future star. Reigns would win the Rumble and the next night and Raw the authority would parade him around as the next big thing. Then turn Rollins face after he cashes in on the champ and have heel reigns vs face Rollins at WM.
  5. The Next Wrestler to become a Main Eventer will be: Roman Reigns The Next Face of the Company will be: Roman Reigns The Next Major Heel of the Company will be: Ambrose/Wyatt/Steen WrestleMania 35 Will be headlined by: Reigns vs Ambrose The One-off Champion: Ziggler The Next Wrestler who gets to the top only to run off for a Music/Acting/MMA Career: Cena gets pissy does a Hogan and does some Thunder in paradise type shit The Dark Horse who nobody expected to become Champ: Luke Harper Five Wrestlers often posted as "Future Champs" that will never make it: Rhodes, Barrett, Ryback basicly anyone on the current roster who was brought up before the performance center era of developmental. They'll make a big deal of all the WWE PC guys as a political move to show critics that it's a successful system and those that came before aren't as good.
  6. CM Punk and Paul Heyman mocking Jerry Lawler's heart attack or Paul Heyman dressing up as Paul Bearer and CM Punk pouring the contents of the urn over Undertaker
  7. TLC 2013 Survivor Series 2013 Battleground 2014 Wrestlemania 22 Wrestlemania 27
  8. Lovely double standards by WWE. Fire Del Rio for unprofessional conduct the same week Randy Orton is calling a fan "the Latino miss piggy" on social media.
  9. Because some people, like me, still buy DVDs. I'm sure it'll be on the network as well.That's not the point I made. In fact I said the DVD will probably sell well. But if the WWE is prioritising WWE Network subscribers more than anything else, which they are, then it would make sense to put all their premium content exclusively on the network
  10. And the word Network should be on it somewhere. It should just be called "The WWE network Championship" because that's what it looks like."The $9.99 a month WWE Network Championship" However only WWE superstars who are legal citizens of the United States can compete for the title.
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