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    Raise your hand if you're a mutha*censored*in Bo$$
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  1. Really? It wasn't even that graphic. No I was at a friends house and it was pretty late so I had to go home after that scene
  2. I watched the new episode up to the part where (spoiler'd for those who haven't seen it) and then had to leave after that. Pretty legit
  3. No, the ending wasn't sad at all. Especially after watching Clannad, the second season mostly. If you thought the ending to Angel Beats! was sad, you will be crying your eyes out if you watch Clannad, no joke. I google'd Clannad and this is what i got: http://www.clannad.ie/ but is this something where I can easily skip the first season and still get the story? because watching all those episodes will cut into the time I dedicate to my p0rnoz
  4. I thought Angel Beats! was great, and I saw the series in the original dub too. Very sad at the end.
  5. Agreed. Fourth episode was much better than the previous one.
  6. A personal hobby of mine is to find symbolism, and I think the zombies in a way are symbolic of....something. (note that I look too much into everything). It could be that on the conservative landscape of Georgia, the zombies could be seen as the rising majority of liberalism of America and the rejection of the GOP. The zombies can maybe be seen as the greedy nature of American society, as the structural nature of capitalism leaves the poverty class of America struggling to live in any kind of living condition, the overwhelming zombies leave the surviving dudes to struggling to stay alive.......alive alive. Or maybe I'm just full of myself. Idgaf haha
  7. Hey My name is Alex, otherwise known as Big Poopy. I am 14, and I was born and currently reside in Fresno, California. And please, no autographs this time. I have better senses of humor than most people on this board, and that covers alot of ground. I like to follow independent wrestling and TNA, and some WWE too, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment in my profile or send my a PM I like emo-styled music (Chiodos, Bullet for my Valentine, 3O Seconds to Mars), 90's rap (Wu Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Notorious B.I.G, Snoop Dogg), and rock music (Disturbed, Atreyu, Breaking Benjamin) . Oh, and Kanye West I can be truthfully honest at times. I also enjoy playing american football, dodgeball; I am somewhat good at basketball, and I'm going to try out for Wrestling next year in high school. All I have to say is please follow the board rules, and try not to flame other members or spam any boards on this site. You can report problems and/or issues with the site to the Website Forum & Helpboard, and suggest new features for our site in the Feedback Forum. Big Poopy, out! *runs off stage a la Napolean Dynamite*
  8. I think all the divas are smokin' hot, but Torrie, Melina, Mickie James, & Ashley Massaro stand out IMO. For the divas who aren't in WWE anymore, definately Lita & Ariel.
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