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    Randy Orton/Triple H
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    The Lion Of Ponce Puerto Rico Raaaaaa.
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    Hey God,Comics,Games,Movies And The Love Of My Life My Girlfriend Yanaira Babe Love Ya.
  1. cool well thank god i have both consoles but btw i do prefer a 6 remake but still if now all games are being multiplatforms whats the point of console wars then?
  2. what if they remake ff7 will people have faith on the ps3 again?
  3. oh ok but what about games like god of war 3 doesnt people like the god of war series?
  4. but why people will sell the ps3 to buy a 360 for the same game????
  5. whats with all i will sell my ps3 to buy ff13 on the 360?? are you retarded?? the game will still come to the ps3 you will waste like 400 bucks to buy another system for a multi-platform game see what i wrote and what about god of war 3 and other games can someone answer me please
  6. If They Join What Would Happen To The WHC And The ECW Title.
  7. Since Whe Writting Half Topic Titles Is Suspense Thats Stupid And Moronic You n00bs Are Idiots I Agree With Nightmare
  8. I Guess Or Are You Telling Me We Will Have Three Raws A Week That Would Rock.
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