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  1. Happened to me as well also would download the logos but now the actual caw
  2. Have always wanted this version of the dominator without the little pauses to crowd he does(don't care for Lashley just the move) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efdwOFMajmg
  3. I would say it doesn't surprise me that I got banned because i hit the random lottery and it was my turn, they really do not care at this point for any of us they have our money for not only the game but, dlc and other extras and banning a nobody like me who doesn't upload to CC and only the server for my personal stuff is no big for them, I would say this is the last wwe game for me but, i know it won't be so I will suffer a few more days and go back to it.
  4. No,pretty much every where Actually, unless you communicate a threat, you can say whatever, it may be wrong and may offend but, its legal Maybe in America. Yes, not sure of other countries and there laws
  5. No,pretty much every where Actually, unless you communicate a threat, you can say whatever, it may be wrong and may offend but, its legal
  6. Have asked them on twitter and still nothing, not saying that I didn't post something that can be construed as something else, much like in your case but, all I want is to see what it is
  7. I guess I can see that you don't want ppl saying kill the muslims or i hate N------, you something like that I can see but, if you accuse someone of something be able to prove it and show them you uploaded X and you can't do that so here's your punishment. However to say you posted nudity and not show proof is crap to me.
  8. They could start with a warning or something or hell handle it in a more professional tone and if someone asks for an example of what they then show them proof, you have the item to use to ban me, you have my gamertag just show me and if i did it then i did it and ill take the punishment but, show me and thats all I truly want show me what I did and ill make sure it doesnt even come close again
  9. I have but, all I get is all circuits are busy. Its not like I can really do anything about it but, I know I didnt upload nudity and I dont like being accused of it. have been playing video games for 35 yrs and have never had these problems I dont upload stupid shit like that
  10. And I didnt upload anything with sex or nudity on it, unless you think a Baphomet getting put to a cross nudity
  11. So I know you guys, have better things to do but, I am just wondering if you have had to deal with these and if they are rude to you or am I just crazy and reading too much into it. I realize that I am a nobody here but, just wondering. Also can show what I have uploaded prior to the banning and nothing is suggestive sexually here is the conversation so far: J Friday at 22:35 I have been banned and would like to know why as i don't play online and don't upload anything except for the things i use on my caws and nothing is pornographic Avatar Luc G Saturday at 06:53 Hey there J! Thank you for contacting us here at 2K Support. We're very sorry for the inconveniences you had faced in recent times regarding being banned from online features in WWE 2K17. I know that having this sort of restriction from your favorite game can be a frustrating situation and I can completely understand how you must feel. So, let me help clear things up with you. After reading through your response and taking the liberty of looking through your ban. We have discovered that you are currently banned for a temporary span of 14 days. With that said, your ban will be lifted on the 13th of January. As for your future uploaded content, please remember that WWE 2K17 is rated T for Teen. So please refrain from uploading the following to your account once your ban is lifted; Suggestive Nudity Explicit Nudity Drug References Profanity Offensive Symbols Hate Speech or Racism So if we do see that you upload any of the above we will have no choice but to permanently ban your account with no reversible affects put in place. Again, we are very sorry for the inconveniences with how everything ended up to be, but if you do have any other questions or concerns, then please don't hesitate to let us know and we will help out as best as we can. Kindest regards, Luc G 2K Support Avatar J Saturday at 11:29 Luc Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Understandably, I hate this happened and did not understand that even if I didn't upload it to the server by just uploading to use for personal means that it was patrolled. I have uploaded only a few lately and wonder if I can put them in our message to figure what exactly is the problem as CAWing is the major part of the game for me, as what I have uploaded lately are only designs from band albums or t shirts ust hoping I can get clarification on what was wrong so I don't do it again Thanks again, J Avatar Luc G Today at 05:52 Hello J, Thank you for your reply. After a second look into your ban, it seems like the infraction was caused by the upload of Suggestive Nudity in our server. This action directly breaches and infringes upon the agreed Terms and Conditions accepted with the purchase of our game. Unfortunately, we cannot accept ban appeals at the moment and you will have to wait until 13th of January before your ban gets lifted. You can review our EULA by visiting http://www.take2games.com/eula/ I would like to bring your attention to the following: CODE OF CONDUCT The following rules, policies, and disclaimers shall govern and/or apply to your use of the Online Services. You agree, by using the Online Services, that: (1) you will only use the Online Services for lawful purposes, in compliance with applicable laws, for your own personal, non-commercial use; (2) you will not restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the Online Services (for example, by means of harassment, hacking or defacement); (3) you will not use the Online Services to create, upload, or post any material that is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, harassing, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of one’s privacy, in violation of any law, or is inconsistent with community standards; (4) you will not post, upload, or create any copyrighted material using the Online Services unless you own the copyright in and to such material; (5) you will not post, upload, or transmit any information or software that contains a virus, worm, timebomb, cancelbot, trojan horse or other harmful, disruptive, or deleterious component; (6) you will not post, upload, create, or transmit materials in violation of another party’s copyright or other intellectual property rights; (7) you will not cheat or utilize any unauthorized robot, spider, or other program in connection with the Online Services; and (8) you will not impersonate any other individual or entity in connection with your use of the Online Services. All determinations will be made by the Company in its sole discretion. Since the decision is final, we will not be able to discuss your ban any further and please remember that WWE 2K17 is rated T for Teen and that, in that regard, we have to remove the content that is inappropriate for this category and put infractions on users’ accounts accordingly. I apologize for any trouble this may cause and thank you for your understanding. Please don't hesitate to contact us again should you have any other questions or concerns. Sincerely, Luc G 2K Support Avatar J Today at 15:31 Well, actually i do have a problem with that as I have not uploaded anything with suggestive nudity, I uploaded 2 slayer tshirt logos and one from Pantera and while I will serve out the ban and while I dont agree that I uploaded anything wrong, can you show me what I uploaded that caused this. Avatar
  12. jweb1331

    Jweb's caws

    Thanx, have more coming soon
  13. jweb1331

    Jweb's caws

    Really started as a knock off on RVD but, matured into this for the last few games taking an identity of his own, there could be a little Ohaire in there at least from his early WCW days. Updated in first post
  14. ok ill try that cause I am unable to edit logo straight out so thanx
  15. Has anyone else noticed you can no longer delete things out of a logo anymore(can not delete background of a pic), you can change colors but not delete an area
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