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  1. Erm...ok? It's just a username =] No need to get so worked up about it

  2. LE gasp, you have a picture of daffney in your sig! :D

  3. nah, that's cool. i just appreciate it haha

  4. hey, no problem, although it'll probably be a while before I post in your diary again since I'm going on vacation tomorrow. But I'll try to keep up with the diary once I return ;)

  5. hey man, i'm just stopping by to say i appreciate the feedback on my diary, thanks. :D

  6. Love the sig :D And I agree with it too!

  7. Yeah, I love your Daily match topic, I'm suprised I'm just about the only one replying in it LOL!

  8. May I add you to friend list?

  9. Nope, still alive and kickin'....ass?

  10. Thought you'd died or something lol.

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