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  1. Hello everyone! I'm the The Powerful Vampireâ„¢ and as you can see, I'm a HUGE Kevin Thorn fan! My goals here at Caws are becoming more well known and become a mod in the future. You can always find me in the EWR and RPG sections, aswell as the WWE/ECW Chat. Most people here don't know, but I'm actually from Portugal~! I'm 15 and my favourite wrestling company is the WWE. Overall, I 'm always a nice guy, so feel free to PM me and I'll get back to you I think that's it!
  2. You're the first person in this topic to say that has a crush on Mr. Kennedy. What do you mean by perfect?
  3. I see that lots of people here likes Mickie James.
  4. Thanks for clearing up, Destruction 15
  5. My current crush is Victoria
  6. C'mon guys, keep'em coming! Don't be afraid to answer
  7. There shouldn't be too many divas on RAW, because they will never get used. Jillian Hall only wrestles like 3 in 3 weeks, while on SmackDown she appeared more.
  8. What is your current WWE crush?
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