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  1. The Kane 2002 attire is missing his knee pads, which he started wearing very shortly after his Kane-a-roonie return. They're thick, open-back pads with cloth stredding on them. It seems like most CAWs overlook this since HCTP and RAW 2 didn't have them, and people probably don't remember. I was a huge Kane nut, so I noticed everything, including all the alterations that made to it over the year he wore it.
  2. Looks fantastic! I really hope that 2K can get a scan of The Rock for next year's game. His face just doesn't look right, at all. I'm surprised they didn't get one this year when he was at WrestleMania, since they got one of Undertaker then.
  3. That actually looks really solid so far. I think the eyes could use a few tweaks to the sizing and positioning, shape looks good, and maybe a few minor lip adjustments, but there's definitely a resemblance there. Nose looks pretty good to me, but maybe The D or someone will be able to give you a few pointers in that area.
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