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  1. The Kane 2002 attire is missing his knee pads, which he started wearing very shortly after his Kane-a-roonie return. They're thick, open-back pads with cloth stredding on them. It seems like most CAWs overlook this since HCTP and RAW 2 didn't have them, and people probably don't remember. I was a huge Kane nut, so I noticed everything, including all the alterations that made to it over the year he wore it.
  2. Looks fantastic! I really hope that 2K can get a scan of The Rock for next year's game. His face just doesn't look right, at all. I'm surprised they didn't get one this year when he was at WrestleMania, since they got one of Undertaker then.
  3. That actually looks really solid so far. I think the eyes could use a few tweaks to the sizing and positioning, shape looks good, and maybe a few minor lip adjustments, but there's definitely a resemblance there. Nose looks pretty good to me, but maybe The D or someone will be able to give you a few pointers in that area.
  4. So my copy is arriving in the morning, but a friend got the game digitally and we were gonna SharePlay, but the game seems to have SharePlay locked. Unless this is a glitch because of the game just releasing, this is total B.S. It wouldn't even make sense because WWE 2K15 was able to use SharePlay and NBA 2K16 allows it as well. Has anyone ran into this, or has anyone been successful?
  5. I'd love to get the new gen when I can afford it. But new gen owners are being assholes when they say "get new gen no one cares about the old gen blahblahblah." Like, "shut the *Censored* up and stop acting so superior," at least when most new gen owners say something like that. Problem is, what did the seventh generation have over sixth generation, when it comes to WWE games? Better graphics, sure, but lots of moves were lost, head details don't look that much like their real life counterparts, the bodies seem to be unrealistic with how jacked up they look, and some match types were taken out, like Buried Alive. This is because the last-gen is running on a 17-year-old engine, made for a Japanese wrestling game in the 90s by Yukes and just continually added to over the years. It's poorly optimized, and is basically bloated with old code. This causes performance issues, which is why the visuals took a dive after 2010, and started getting that weird, cartoon-like look. And why there are so many weird glitches. The moves one is a strange topic because there were a lot of reasons why moves would go missing. For a time, WWE was very strict about moves of wrestlers from other promotions being in, or having moves removed if they were used by someone on bad terms with WWE. Sometimes, THQ would have the moves removed because they were added to the list of moves to do new mo-cap for, but that is really time prohibitive, so they would sometimes disappear for 2-3 year before they would be added back with a new animation. WWE 2K15's engine was rebuilt from the ground up, and only plucking code from the old engine here and there. It's also a more flexible engine. Last-gen consoles have been using HAVOK for a lot of their physics, which clashed with some of the code from the Yukes engine, causing issues. This is why Visual Concepts is basically slowly weeding Yukes out of the process, so they can have more internal control over the development. People aren't saying "No one cares about last gen" anymore to be assholes, it's because the world is moving on. After this Holiday, 360 and PS3 are basically going to ride into the sunset. Why? Cost. The smartphone in your pocket has faster hardware than your Xbox 360 and PS3. Not a joke. The 360 and PS3 have 512 MBs of internal RAM, where a most smartphones now have 2 GBs; and low-end phones have 1 GB. And the graphics processors are faster as well. The only reason you don't get console graphics on them is the battery would be murdered. If you can't afford an 8th gen console, that's fine, but there have been tons of deals happening this year where you could trade-in your Xbox 360 and PS3 for $150 at GameStop in the U.S. And if you didn't buy WWE 2K16, there's $210 of your $300 needed (I say $300 because there are a ton of $300 PS4 and Xbox One sales). The PS4 and Xbox One are outselling previous gen consoles so developers have their full attention in that direction, because there is a ton of new money to be made.
  6. No, but you were calling the game a "bastardized" version which, in context, is indirectly moaning about not getting "x features." Nice job trying to dodge that one though. I've worked in the games and tech industry as a journalist for almost 7 years, and I can tell you that it's very uncommon for companies to talk about their previous gen versions. Why promote an inferior product? One of the rare cases of a company talking about last gen version happened recently with Black Op 3, and that was only because the game is just multiplayer only on 360 and PS3. No campaign, no zombies, no DLC. If they hadn't mentioned that, there would have been huge backlash. And there still is from people who don't get it, calling Treyarch "lazy" and people with next-gen consoles "spoiled assholes." I've seen it all over Reddit and NeoGAF. In 2K's case, the expectation is different. Players already got a gimped version last year, and should expect relatively the same game this year.
  7. Honestly, never rely on YouTube for theme titles because most of them are wrong and often times made up. YouTube claims that Eddie Guerrero's last theme was called "Gangsta Lean," when it's actually called "Crackin'" (as in, "Now it's time to get this party crackin'") Austin's Alliance themes are titled "What?" and "Venom", respectively. And there were several versions of those two track.
  8. Bingo. Most console generations last about 5 years before new consoles come out. The only reason the PS4 and Xbox One didn't come out sooner was because of the economy crashing in 2008-2009. Honestly, if it weren't for that, we would likely already be talking about when the PS5 and Xbox 4 come out. I get it though, some of you were probably children when you got your Xbox 360 or PS3, and it's really all you know. But it really is time to move on. It was years ago, really. You can't expect developers to continue wasting time and resources on consoles that are less powerful than some modern day smartphones. Really.
  9. I also don't understand what he's going on about, at all. Every wrestler in the game has a theme song, and they're ALL in the Jukebox. Even Andre the Giant, who never used a theme song in WWE (unless you count him and Hogan tagging at The Machines). Hell, a bunch of people even have multiple themes. So you're actually complaining about a problem that does not exist.
  10. No offense but when it comes from 2ks mouth, how do you argue with it? no offenCe either, but. Do you believe everything a company spokes person says? And you clearly have no understanding of how game development work. When you're creating two separate versions of a game, you have to split your team up. Which means that neither version is getting the full attention. For example, if 2K has 200 people on the WWE development team, with 75 working on the last-gen version, that means that the current version of the game is only has 125 people working on it, which means there's less hands to help things get done quicker. This is why a lot of AAA studios will outsource their previous gen ports to different companies, so they can keep all of their devs focused on one version. Maybe instead of trying to turn this into some kind of moronic conspiracy, you should educate yourself on how gave development works and why things are the way they are. They're not feeding you any B.S. They're openly saying the last-gen is inferior and the current gen version isn't what it should be because their team is split up. But it wilk make them plenty of money i am sure. Doubt 2k are that bothered. Easy money for putting out another bastardised version of a previous better game The amount of ignorance here makes my head spin. Regardless of whether the game is not up to snuff with your standards, you're completely undermining the work that went into making the game on a console that is over 10 years old. And if you wanna know why the game doesn't have all of the features, it's because of a little thing called a budget. Yeah, that's right. Games cost money to make... Crazy, I know. The last-gen team is likely working with a fraction of the money they once had, and are applying that money where they best see fit. If you don't like it, maybe you could cough up a few extra million bucks for them to work with. If they were to give BOTH gen versions a full budget, the games would never turn a profit. Take Two Interactive is a business. And if you were running it, it would likely be bankrupt by the end of the year.
  11. I don't pre-order games, period. It's just a way for game publishers to circlejerk to the number of sales they have before they even sell the game. Trust me, having worked in journalism for 8 years, even covering the games industry, it's all non-sense. In 20 years, I've never had a problem walking into Best Buy and picking up my game on release day, and I have over 60 Xbox 360 games, and 20 PS4 games. They ship each store usually about 50% more than their pre-order number, so if the store gets 1000 pre-orders, the dev will usually ship them 1500 copies.
  12. You need a pretty decent mid-range gaming PC to run this game. You're not gonna run it on a laptop with on-board video without it lagging like a mofo. If you wanna play it, you're gonna have to invest in a desktop with a good i5 and like a GTX 560 or better. Probably will run you about $600 at the least. I'm so surprised by the sheer number of posts by people who are clueless about why the game won't run on their non-gaming PCs. Not an insult towards you, I just thought this stuff was common knowledge in 2015.
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