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  1. Thought I'd have some fun messing around with Braun's entrance and attire lol
  2. Once again Compiled all the weird stuff some of the fans say on social Media
  3. For those in the lower tiers (Super Rare-WM) looking to move up tiers quicker, if you're interested Team Deagle Gift will be recruiting new low tier players every TRD to help them get SummerSlam and possible WM cards too. It's all detailed in the video
  4. Didn't even know there was a thread just for this. Made a video going over a bunch of comments about Reigns, Brock, Carmella and even Val Venis apparently masturbating to Eva's wardrobe malfunction segment.
  5. So if you guys don't know (I'm sure you do) WWE's social media pages are filled with a ton of funny, stupid and just a lot of comments from people that maybe take it a bit too seriously when someone turns heel or does something they deem bad. So I made a compilation video of some of them and thought I'd share.
  6. Sheamus' reign with it was pretty boring and just ended up as a recycled Authority/Randy Orton angle.
  7. With MITB coming up I started thinking about this and I thought it'd be interesting to have a discussion on who the worst mitb winner/holder is so far. I made a video about it going over who I personally think is the worst and why. And basically for me it boils down to these 3 guys. Kennedy- Held it for a little over a month, never even got to cash it in due to an injury and so he lost it to Edge on an episode of RAW. Cena- Won the most predictable and probably the mitb match with the least exciting lineup ever only to hold it for 8 days and have the actual cash in match end via dq due to the big show attacking him. Sandow- Held it for 106 days, during that time they made a fool out of him by having him lose nearly every match he was in. They had Cody throw steal his briefcase and throw it in the ocean. He didn't move up the card at all during the time and got squashed by Big Show in 3 minutes on ME. If you only count RAW, Smackdown and pay per view matches, he only won a match against The Miz on RAW and another against Kofi the night before his cash in on the Hell in a Cell Kickoff. He cashed in on Cena who had just returned the night before from an elbow injury. He assaulted Cena and targeted his elbow before and during the match and still managed to lose. Who do you guys think is the worst Mr. Mitb? I think Sandow takes the cake here as I feel it hurt him more than anything. I'm sure a lot of people will go with Kennedy for the simple fact he didn't cash in lol.
  8. I can't wait for this, best news I've heard from the WWE in a long time! I loved the early years of the brand split when the shows were presented as equals, 2 main champs, brand vs brand and important stuff actually happened on Smackdown. This will make things fresh again and with this announcement seems like they'll bring back the World Heavyweight Championship so SD can have it's main champ. Also with SD going live this is their biggest opportunity to have it on the level of raw. I had to make a video about it sharing my thoughts.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVQJ-req4f4 So I remember seeing this fan made WWE Game back in like 2005-2006 I don't remember if I fully played it or not so I decided to give a try this time around just to try out something other than a WWE made game and it's an interesting game to say the least lol. It's one of those games where you get to chose what to do or say. It's Definetly weird but thought I'd share my playthrough of it as it's something other than the usual wwe made game. If you guys want to play it here you go http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/260539
  10. Although it's not looking really "extreme" I'm still looking forward to Reigns/AJ despite the obvious result, the F4W & The Ambrose/Jericho match in which I actually think Jericho's going to walk away with the win. I just have this feeling like Y2J might actually have a program for with Roman for the title. I also posted up the prediction game video for this
  11. Hey guys I just posted up a new Supercard tips video on TRD so people can use this tip before it ends to get the rewards much quicker. This is by far the best and easiest way to reveal shards in Team Ring Domination. Since the event is still going on you can still use this right now before it's over to get the main card if you haven't gotten it already or the 2nd or 3rd card your team is trying to get quicker.
  12. Here's the yearly video I make showing how to perform all the WWE 2K16 OMG Moments from the new Big E spear to the old ring breaker superplex. Hope you guys enjoy
  13. Made another Wishlist video, this time for something they've been keeping pretty quiet about, the online. They've said they improved it but that's pretty much it. I don't know about you guys but for me I experience more lag in WWE 2K15 then any other past WWE Game online both on the current and last gen versions. I really hope they fix the lag for WWE 2K16 Online because if they don't and every match still lags then the whole online experience doesn't become as enjoyable despite any new features. Speaking of new features though something I'd like to see is Online tournaments and I go over that as well as some other stuff in the game. Now here's a question I've asked ppl before but I'd like to get more responses on this. Am I the only one that did not play a single match in 2k15 online without lag while in the past games you could actually play lag free games? Because I doubt it's my connection and I'd like to see if it's really some widespread.
  14. I made a wishlist vid on the My Career mode as despite the trailer recently going up a lot of the things I went over or want in the video weren't shown or addressed in the video they posted. The career mode has the potential to be something great but it has a lot to improve on from 2k15 from the lack of feuds/storylines, Vickie telling you creative has nothing for you this week, a lack of variety when it comes to the match types and a bunch more stuff needs changing. Thankfully the trailer did show some pretty nice improvements, but I just hope those aren't the only changes they made to the mode.
  15. As far as the OMG wishlist, I made another wishlist vid, this time going over the OMG moments I'd like to see in the game from Orton's double ddt (which I'm surprised till now they haven't put in the game) to Kevin Owens' apron powerbomb. The pop-up powerbomb & package powerbomb are already confirmed but I'm really hoping they add the apron one in. Would love to use it in the game. As far as Orton's double ddt, if they do put it in the game I just hope they don't make it so you need 3 finishers to pull it off... as then we wouldn't be able to follow it up with an rko.
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