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  1. Ooooh, so that's what's happening in my tag matches? I was wondering why I rarely could hit my tag finishers.
  2. Apparently I can't edit any victory celebrations outside universe mode. When I edit any victory it doesn't give me the option to save it on my universe save...
  3. NXT title side plates are still decentralized. Also side plates don't work on nxt 2.0 title
  4. I hope I can easily unlock those via accelerator
  5. I HOPE NOT. Haven't debuted yet and it's already overrated.
  6. I think this picture represents the Steiner's.
  7. I'm actually too afraid to preorder the game. Wwe 2k20 taught me well. Also, the game is crazy expensive here in Brazil this time. However, if Carlito somehow end up being DLC, I'll preorder the game.
  8. Don't we already have 6 man coop.. for years?
  9. Ikr! Also, where's the fifth pack on this "leak"? We should really stop promoting those "leakers".
  10. As a custom Sideplates aficionado, those patch notes makes me sad.
  11. Noticed any Noticed any fix? Custom Sideplates, universe stable entrances, moonsault bug, tag team finishers in universe, etc...?
  12. So.... Is create a tractor finally a real possibility??
  13. Tbh considering that most people I like got released, I think that there will not be a "next game" for me.
  14. "Button mashing is back y'all" I'm still pissed when I remember that lynel said this like it was supposed to be a good thing.
  15. You can put people in kneeling positions... When they are seating, move the analog left or right.....
  16. Here's my weekly reminder that big righteous sucks. I lost so much time fixing the movesets this year u.u
  17. I saw that post to. And I do believe that the guy was drunk when he posted it, lol
  18. Omfg this sucks so much. I haven't started universe yet, but this is such a deal breaker for me....
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