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  1. i could make one out of part of it...what time do you want

  2. yea,i had it on my computer but my mom got it cleaned and everything was deleted..and i got it off limewire and it took like forever so i didnt bother getting it again

    i find Gimp easier to understand anyways

  3. I use Gimp, and sometimes i touch them up with paint

  4. who did you use as abase for sting? piper?

  5. what program do you use to make your edits?

  6. yea,i like em...that looks nice though..ive tried to make one a few times but they came out crappy...RRS did a good Job on it

  7. where are you?? 2 hours till the PPV and you still havent posted a Result/Prediction Topic

  8. lol...nice claudio sig

  9. someone else on caws.ws who likes Team Macktion...i thought i was the only one

  10. yea..it is kinda weird...:) im one day older then you :D..err..probebly less..unless we were both born on midnight on the respective days

  11. a little late...well a month late

    happy birthday :P

  12. hey,we were born on the same day...weird :P

  13. yea

    if u were talking about my original CAWs..im working on the ROH CAws now so i may make more some time soon...still thinking of ideas

  14. Dodge is back...yay :):):):)

  15. hey..great to see a fellow slipknot fan on caws.ws :)

  16. your I-Pod commited suicide??

  17. hes been banned since sept. 5 2007

  18. how do u get the sig rotator ???

  19. ive been converting a lot of your CAWs from last year...most turned out great...so are u gonna make some this year??

  20. your 2008 caws are awesome

    cant wait to see the rest of em

  21. welcome to caws.ws =D

  22. no thanks..i dont wanna join any more caw leauges

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