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  1. id prefer Original...but you can make a CAW of Evan,and change a few things to make him original if you want
  2. no problem sure...added you
  3. Damn..I Love That "Juggalo" look...added
  4. I Am Starting A New CAW Fed If You Wanna Join...Post (Or PM) Your CAW Form...It Can Be For Any system as long as only 32 layers are used Please Post A Moveset Base(Wrestler or Pre Made) And Specials and Entrance To Use **ill post videos on youtube...yes,i will try to post them as often as i can,and i will credit you for the CAW Confirmed Roster 1.Zodiac (nirvana~fan~ehwâ„¢) 2.______ (The Prince Of Punk NathanJ) 3.Insidious (Nick-E27) 4. ______ (Ãïgï†ål) 5. Curtis Cutthroat (Bonsho) 6. Helpoemer (robert styles) 7.Oddyessy (Legend) 8. _____ (The Franchiser) 9. The Decapitator (Mr. Kennedy #1 Fan) 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.
  5. are u gonna make Nick Mondo Again This Year??

  6. yea,im suprised that hes even still alive,i seen it in slo-mo on youtube and the back of his head touched his back

  7. Thanks

    Ive Always Liked H,he was what got me into Japanese wrestling,and that was the best i could do lol

  8. Is That Thing About Eddie Kingston In Your Sig Real??,About Him Killing Someone

  9. wow,you were active here for exactly a month

  10. Is You Display Name Based Off The Disturbed Song??

  11. yea...i know whos getting it...but whos the guy doing it?? is that Josh Abercombie(sp?)

  12. whos the guy in your sig/avitar

  13. Why Arent You A Mod. Anymore??

  14. oh..no,i was watching the "Heart Shaped Box" video on youtube...some guy posted it in a comment

  15. Happy Birthday...Nice New Name BTW

  16. LOL...Ring Of Honor - "Because Jeff Hardy Is'Nt There"

    Thats enough of a reason to watch it right there

  17. Happy Birthday..a little late (month and 5 days actually)...but anyways,Happy Birthday

  18. LOL @ The Quote of Larry King In Your Sig

  19. i think you got the numbers in your sig mixed up...according to the internet its "if you're 555, then I'm 666" ...or did you knowthat...and arranged it different?

  20. it was the right time when i made it...they slow down on the internet for some reason

  21. i could make one out of part of it...what time do you want

  22. yea,i had it on my computer but my mom got it cleaned and everything was deleted..and i got it off limewire and it took like forever so i didnt bother getting it again

    i find Gimp easier to understand anyways

  23. I use Gimp, and sometimes i touch them up with paint

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